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Problems of gas stomach are there, know what to do if it is good

Those suffering from gas stomach problems are the ones who understand what troubles. If you have eaten a little bit or have eaten a little or not, then it will start the uncomfortable gas problem. But getting rid of this gas problem is not very difficult. Just take a little bit of your food and drink. You should know which one should eat and what should not be eaten. Then you can eat some food and eat some foods.

The foods that will be avoided:

1- Pulses and pulses: Foods used for gas, pulses, boots, grams, beans, soybean etc. These contain plenty of protein, sugar and fighter which do not want to be easily digested. As a result, gas stomach causes problems.

2- Broccoli, papakapi, cabbage: In these vegetables there is a type of Sugar ingredient called ‘Rafinose’ which does not last until the stomach bacteria is fertilized and in this condition the problem of stomach gases increases.

3- Milk and dairy foods: If you have gas in the stomach after eating milk and shades, it means you have problems in lactose intolerance ie your milk and dairy foods digestion. These are not responsible for digestion, they are responsible for the excretion of your stomach.

4- Apple and guava: Apple and guava are fiber and Fructose and Sarbituol, which do not want to be easily digested. By doing this gas is in the stomach.

5- salted foods: salt sodium is much more watery. Extra salted foods cause the problem of water accumulation. The problem starts in the stomach and the food does not want to be digested.

Foods that should be consumed by gas problems:

1- Cucumber: Cucumber keeps the stomach cool. It contains flavored and anti-inflammatory material which reduces abdominal excretion.

2- yogurt: yogurt helps us increase our digestion. Due to this fast food digestion, thereby eliminating the problem of gas in the stomach.

3- Papaya: Papaya contains enzyme which increases digestion. If you practice eating regular papaya, the problem of gas is eliminated.

4- Bananas and oranges: bananas and oranges help to remove excess sodium in the stomach. This helps to get rid of the gas problem.

5- Ginger: Ginger is the most effective anti-inflammatory material rich food. If the stomach is in the stomach and gas in the stomach, then garnish ginger and eat raw khana, you will see the problem of gas has been solved.