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Priyankar Uddam with mother in the joy of marriage

Shortly after, Priyanka Chopra married US pop star Nick Jonas. According to

that the hatchery has started. The American Mulu has already cleared his first ‘Bridal Shawa Aibudo rice program.

The Bollywood actress appeared in the ceremony after wearing tiffany clothes in New York. With which the emphasis has already begun. But, this time, a video of Priyanka has created a storm in social media.

It is seen in the video that Priyanka Chopra has been embroiled in uneasy dance appearances with friends.

Sometimes singing songs and dancing with friends. Not only Priyanka or his

it is seen that Priyanka’s mother Madhoo Chopra is also seen dance. And if the video is released publicly it becomes viral.

But the ceremony could not be seen for a while, his future husband Nick Jonas The pop star’s mother Dennis Miller

and close family members of the Jonas family did not meet anyone.

In other words, Priyanka, who wants to beat her friends in Aibudha rice, is very clear from this video.

s known that Nick-Priyanka’s marriage will be held in a luxury palace in Jodhpur. The actress recently came to

Jodhpur with Nick. And since then the buzz begins. However, in the first place in December, when the actress got the

chance to sit for marriage, celebrity couple did not make any comment on this.

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