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Priyanka-Deepika is surrounded by marriage!

Everyone knows about the two heavyweights that are going to be bolted by the end of this year. Meanwhile, Deepika-Ranbir’s wedding card also came out publicly. On November 14th and 15th, their wedding reception was held in Lake Como, Italy.

Only the close relatives of the family will be present there. Their first reception from Italy will be in Bangalore – Deepika Hometown Then there will be a grand reception on December 1 in Mumbai. Where all the friends of Deepika and Ranbir will be present.

On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra started a three-day official marriage ceremony with boyfriend Nick on 30th November at Jodhpur Umed Bhaban Palace. Music, Mehendi episode, the main event of marriage is December 1. It will continue until December 2.

But Priyanka said that she will invite 200 close relatives and friends to Jodhpur. Their next reception with friends of Hollywood will be Priyankaar’s second home in New York.

Marriage, work from the boyfriend – Deepika and Priyankar cold fight everywhere. Both of them want to overlap each other. Always stay in the media. It was publicly on the day of marriage that Dartitani was going on. As a result, it is estimated that Bollywood is going to be divided into two camps. But now it can be burdensome to some extent, it is a liability burden now. But in the cold fight of the two heroes, it is being understood that the field of Bollywood has grown quite well.

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