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Piles is the way to understand!

We have been known for thousands of years with piles disease. However the matter of this disease is still completely opaque, misconceived and imprisoned by superstition.

Piles, we understand that the flesh of the swelling swelling of anus inside the anus Blood is the body of flesh or cushion Piles or ‘haemorrhoid we say only when it is creating a symptom. For example, the muscles lying outside the anus or the blood being leaked.

Age: The incidence of this disease is 30-60 years old. Piles below the age of 20 are not seen too much. Identifying piles is not easy. Expert doctors can only detect the piles by examining the device. Sometimes it is to be seen in the toilet by the waist.

Reason: The actual cause of the piles is not revealed. Some diseases accelerate the spread of piles, such as extra sputum in the bowel, irregular bowel habit, constipation, diarrhea etc. There are other reasons for which there might be piles such as: hereditary, long standing, long sleeves, heavy weight loss, pregnancy, tight clothing, hormonal effects, lack of fiber diet etc.


External piles: In this case, there may be swelling outside the anus and may cause some pain or discomfort.

Internal piles: In this case, the red blood is seen in the toilet. There is no pain. There is blood in the end of the discharge. The blood drops and the arrow moves quickly. If there is more pain and irritation after having blood, then it can be an anal fisher or cancer. Blood never goes on continuously. The first goes once or twice a year and then goes back two months later. Then goes every month

Piles usually do not cause pain. There may be pain when thrombosis or excess exhausting outside the piles. Piles, anal fissures, polyps, cancer, fistula, ulcerative colitis, rectal prolapses, which cause blood in the toilet

Testing: Proktokpi and Sighemadoscopy are important. Without an examination of the endoscopy device inside the anus, it is not possible to diagnose the correct diagnosis.

Resistance: timely treatment of constipation and diarrhea, sitting in the toilet, not reading paper or books, eating fiber with food, such as eating fruits, vegetables and salad, eat 6-8 glasses of water daily, heavy weight loss, excessive heat Not long enough etc..

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