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One minute a few works

We are busy getting busy with life We have to be engaged in a regular schedule. So today I will discuss some of the events that are very easy to observe and time-saving. Such as
1. In one minute, you can read ‘Subhanullah wa Bihamdi – Adaa Khaqihihi wa Riza Nafshih wa Zinaata Arshih wa Midada Kalimatihi’.

Meaning: The holiness and praise of Allah is the same as the number of His creatures, equal to His satisfaction, equal to the weight of His Throne; You can read this prayer more than 15 times. The reward of reading these sentences more than the general Tasbih and Zikir is much more rewarding. As has been said in the Sahih Hadith from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him

2. In one minute, you can ask for more than 100 times ashtagafar or forgiveness from Allah. You can read ‘Astagfirullah’ as ​​well. This is the way to get forgiveness and to enter Paradise. It is the means of happy life, energy enhancement, freedom from danger, simplification of all tasks, rain water harvesting, wealth and child development etc.

3. In a minute, you can talk briefly, by which Allah may open the way for a welfare which you can not even think.

4. In one minute, you can read darud 50 times on the Prophet (peace be upon him). Just read – ‘The Prophet (peace be upon him) In response to this, Allah will send you mercy 500 times. Because, once the darud is read, Allah (SWT) has rendered it 10 times.

5. In one minute, your mind can become overwhelmed by the gratitude of Allah, His love, His fears, His hope and His love. Through this you can cross the boundaries of God’s slavery. Maybe you are lying on your bed or walking in some way.

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