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Newborn rescue from the road

Police have rescued a newborn baby, who has left the road in front of a house in the Nawab State headquarters of Barisal city. On Wednesday,, after the rescue of the child in a diaper cloth and towel sprayed on Wednesday, the resident of City Mayor Ahsan Habib Kamal expressed his desire to take Kamrul Ahsan Rupon. After the police completed the primary legal process, the girl gave her custody..

According to Rupon, on Wednesday night, three dogs were barking around a child wearing a diaper cloth and towel, near his mother-in-law’s mother-in-law Nasiruddin’s house in Nawab State (=City College) campus on Sadar Road. When the child’s tears came, the house’s old lady Mina Begum went to the spot and told the child to her mother-in-law. Later, they rescued the child and police recovered the news. In the presence of the police, he expressed interest in taking custody of the child. Police gave her newborn baby to life through the initial legal process. She took her mother-in-law to the house of her mother-in-law on the road..

Rupon said that the child of approximately 1 month old is very beautiful to see. The idea that the child could be the result of illegal association with the neighbors. Although DNA tests need to be done, he thinks the identity of the child’s actual birthdate should be revealed..

Deputy Superintendent of Police (South) of Metropolitan Police, said the police rescued the child on Wednesday night on the basis of the local people’s news. The child is very nice to see. A person has been offered his life for the time being expressed interest in him. The child will be presented in court. The next action will be taken according to the court’s decision. He said that the situation of an unsafe child leaving the road was a violation of humanity.

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