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New bomb with Miss World of Bangladesh

In the ‘Miss World Bangladesh 2018’ competition, accusations have been made against Nishat Nawar Salwar, a student of BRAC University. Before the announcement of the best competition name in the grand finale, who is known to be Miss World Bangladesh. Jannatul Ferdous Oishee is now coming to the address of Miss World Bangladesh. For this reason, even the organizers have made special compromises, even the words have been chaor. In this way, social contact has begun.

According to secret sources, the organizers of this organization are going to China for the main episode of Miss World, the top ten contestant Jannatul Ferdous Oishee. Everything was finalized before the final. There has been no such hesitation in the case of a special compromise to read the crown of Miss World Bangladesh on her head.

Although the organizers of non-compliance with these issues But they also refuse to talk about this issue. Shobibi chairman Mr. Swapan Chowdhury was not received repeatedly by phone.

Popular singer Shuvradev, model and actress Tarin, model and actor Khaled Sujon, Model Emmy, Barrister Farabi are performing the main judges of this year.

In essence, the drama was staged at the last minute also with the announcement of Miss World Bangladesh. According to the organizer’s choice, Evril was declared the winner. Although the marriage controversy declared Jessia the winner after the organizers Now the beautiful selection process started without any prior announcement. Lastly, according to their own preferences, the best beauties have been picked.

Meanwhile, Nishat Nawar Salwa, daughter of Beanibazar of Sylhet, was the first runner up among the top 10 beauties. He is studying in English at BRAC University. During the competition, he was praised by the judge. It was thought that he would be Miss World Bangladesh. But in the end, it is alleged that injustice has been done to him.

Chief Director of Monitoring and Evaluation Department of Planning Ministry of Bangladesh, Kanaili of Louta Union of Nishat Bianibazar upazila. Rafiqul is the daughter of Badal.

In the grand finale, Salva, the best five in the best ten, took the best two from the best three. But in the last moment of the excitement, Miss World Bangladesh runners-up has been selected to be the son of Beanibazar. He also got Miss Intelligent Award in the competition.

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