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Nargis Fakhri Hollywood Pictures are being released in Dhaka

Star ScenePlace is going to release two Hollywood movies on October Five Weddings under the direction of Namrata Singh Gujral. International release of the movie was released on 26th October along with India’s release of Star Cineplex.

The movie ‘Five Weddings’ is Hollywood But the director and original two actresses Bollywood Actor Rajkumar Rao plays a different role. On the other hand, actress Nargis Fakhri mentioned on the silver runway, wrote on the silver screen. Earlier, Nargis was seen in Hollywood’s action-comedy which was released in 2015. Nargis’ character in the film is very short, but she remains the main character of the film. Nargis’s Bollywood debut with Rockstar in the United States ‘popular reality show’ America Next Top Model.

Shania Dhaliwal, a journalist of Indian American descent is a journalist. One day Shaniya called the editor in his room. Responsible for creating a special report on the style of Indian marriage. Although initially reluctant, Shaniya got on the plane after a long time after seeing the motherland’s philosophy. At the airport, the journalist was identified with the police officer Harvjan. Which takes time to be in friendship. HowevHarvajan made this relationship to monitor the movement of Shaniya by the orders of senior officials.

Shaniya became weak after Harjahan once. But by then, the police officer was suspecting the foreign journalist as a

spy. In this story, director Nimratra Singh Gujral has produced the film ‘Five Weddings’. Rajkumar Rao is starring as

Nargis Fakhri and Harvjan as Shania. Besides, Bo Derek, Demi Morek and Candy Clark will also be seen in the movie


‘Five Weddings Meanwhile, there is a new good news before the release, the film has been invited to showcase the


upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Exciting creator of this opportunity. In an interview to the Indian Express, he said that

the ‘Five Weddings’ is going to show the Cannes Film Festival. It is very fun and honorable. It seems that all our labor

is successfu  iy.

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