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My mother said …

In the Chittagong’s Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium, young Saifuddin completed his 10-over quota with just 45 runs and took three wickets, with two wickets helping to rotate the match.

South African wicketkeeper David Miller hit six sixes in one over of the all-rounder Mohammad Saifuddin. The experience of Pachfstrum is still shaken by young Saifuddin.

He said, ‘remember that match as long as you play cricket. See to be successful, you have to stumble. My mother used to say, when a little boy learns to walk, he stumbles again and again, so does he stop walking?ll beat my heart and learn from there. I used to say death over from an age group. Then I was experienced, at that stage. Maybe there was a problem in the beginning of international crickeI could not match myself. I talk to Mustafiz he is a very experienced bowler. How can I succeed if I work I have tried those things, today I have been successful

Saifuddin is in great form since returning to Zimbabwe series Saifuddin is in great form. In the first match, he scored an important 50 runs in the team’s misery and won the ball in the second match. The 21-year-old Saifuddin got the taste of this first series performance at the start of the small career.

In the three T-Twenty matches for Bangladesh A team in Ireland, he had taken nine wickets, which opened the door to the national team. Before that came the all-time national team’s jersey in January.

Saifuddin said, ‘Yes, of course, it feels very good. Actually, it’s like playing cricket. We will be out, we will be back in the team. Play again well. We will also find ourselves out of the team, maybe due to injuries or bad forms. We have started playing cricket on these heads

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