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Motorcycles are available in 234 installments

It is available on a very easy basis in every installment of 234 taka 125 cc bike..

Php automobile is offering this scarce opportunity This bike is capable of carrying 68 cms per liter of oil in 125

To purchase a bike, you have to pay 30 percent of the bike price down payment.

There is a chance to pay installments through cash or development in daily weekly or monthly installments.

The full price of the motor bike will be paid within 10 months without interest.

PHP Automobile sources said, currently Raid Sharing is a popular medium.

Thousands of people have been created through this ride sharing.

PHP Automobiles brings some of the most useful and affordable bikes to further accelerate this revolution. One of these is PHP Super 125 cc.

The price is only 99 thousand 900 taka.

PHP Super Bike is a single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke-rich engine. This bike can run at maximum 85 kilometers per hour. The bike also has a starter star along with Kick Starter.

This bike in the 4-speed gear box has a telescopic hypermarket suspension and a 5-phase shock abozer to adjust.

The bike can contain up to 13 liters of fuels.

The SuperStar has a superb seat. Comfortable for Peelion and Ryder this comfort can accommodate 2 people.

Wheel base of the bike is 1260 mm. Ground clearance will be able to easily cross the broken or hollow road with 130 millimeters.

Bike weight is 95 kg PHP Super be able to carry a maximum 150 kg weight. Php Automobile Bike offers 3-year engine warranty.

The one-time daily weekly or monthly bikes are not why the interest is zero. Offer is only for Chittagong.


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