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More news about five cyclones coming up! What’s going to happen?

Titlis on one side, Luban on the other hand. Two storms in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea have been found in various states of India. Orissa coast has been reversed in the Orissa Rain in West Bengal The face of the sky is Saturday morning. It is not the end here, five more cyclones coming up. According to the India’s Central Meteorological Office, a news portal named Kolkata 24×7

According to the news, at the end of this year, five cyclones will be called on different names at different times in the Bay of Bengal and on the Arabian Sea. The list includes Bulbul, Gaza, Paban, Fathal, Amphane Tropical Cyclones.

When contacted by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, the weatherman Abdul Mannan said that the cyclone will depend on the speed and the direction of the wind, the low pressure in the sea, etc. Can not say right now. India’s Meteorological Department has not made any such forecast, you can visit the website. Not only should the panic be made public.

He said about the names of the cyclonic storms fixed in advance, he said 65 such names have been set in advance in the international arena. The name of the cyclone that goes along with the region. That does not mean that there are five cyclones this year.

He said no injury or big negative impact would affect Bangladesh in the next five days.

A few days later Bangladesh will play in the Zimbabwe series. The Bangladesh Cricket Board has announced a series of surprises for Zimbabwe series BCB.

However, due to the absence of the presence of all the five Pandavas in the eleventh XI. Bowler Rubel Hossain is in the squad.

Being Shakib Tamim in this series, Rubel said, “Shakib brother-Tamim brothers are the best players in our team. No doubt we’ll miss them. But by the other side, it is a chance to see. The chance to prove that those who are in our team can also win matches I hope there will be no problem because they are not two in this series. ”

Although Zimbabwe is a lightweight team from Bangladesh, there is a fear of Rubel. He said, ‘Zimbabwe’s recent performance and see us. Now if there is an accident in some way then the danger is then the danger Our performance with them will be so good. So that in no way can any match befall our hands. Playing with Zimbabwe will mean this pressure..

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