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Moinul asked for meal in the Sonargaon hotel

Barrister Mainul Hossain, who wanted to eat food at the Sonargaon Hotel in the morning breakfast, after he was detained after defamation. An official of Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police, who conducted the arrest on Tuesday, told this information.

He said 18 people including DB were present in the court. According to the rules, 13 candles of DB canteen were provided for everyone. Pansas fish sesame, rice and vegetables in the food menu. Barrister Mainul saw these food and called the DB officer and said, ‘I will pay the money for a good meal. I can not eat these foods. If needed, take food from Hotel Sonargaon.

In response, the DB official said, no, sir, according to the law, all the accused will be given the same food. Then he has eaten the food with everyone.

DB official said, DB’s drive started to arrest Barrister Mainul Hossain after receiving the copy of the warrant of the case filed in Rangpur after noon on Monday (October 22nd). First, Barrister Mainul Hussain, who took bail in the High Court bench, was to be taken. The DB team waited outside the High Court.

Then his position is recognized where he actually stands. At 5pm, Barrister Mainul Hossain was detained by the DB Police team immediately after identifying the position to enter Gulshan’s house. They did not get there, they went to Uttara.

It was not understood at first that Barrister Mainul Hossain was staying where. It is known that Moinul Hossain joined the house of Jasim Uddin Road, Uttara Rab. Then there goes the detective police.

In the first house, the wife of Abdur Rab, Tania Rob, spoke to the DB officials from the side of the window. Want to know who are you? In response DB officials said that we came from the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Office. Barrister Mainul Hossain is staying in your house. Look, it’s okay, since the case is there, then you’ll go with him. He’s a little nervous. Old people Pressure increased. You sit downstairs, I’m bringing him.

In the lower room, the DB officials sat 15 minutes, but still, if they did not, they would go to the stairs with stairs. After seeing the door closed, push it open and go inside. At that room, they saw many people including Asam Abdur Rob, Barrister Mainul Hossain.

Awwam Abdur Rob cried out. Said, ‘I am Abdur Rab, why have you entered my house? Who are you Get out of here right now. “Then the DB officials showed their identity card and said,” There is warrant of war against Sir Barrister Mainul Hossain Sir. We’ve come to take him. Even then, Abdur Rab shouted, ‘You will take one person away from my house.’ This is wrong. What evidence do you have?

Barrister Mainul Hossain said, when DB officials expressed the warrant copy, teach me the law, it is not a case. There is no arrest in this case. You have come to take me unjustly.

DB official said, what will you do to take Moinul Ji in the car? Put in DB or send to court? The DB official said that he will be sent to court on Tuesday. Moinul was happy and said, then I’ll get bail. Can not stop me. So what is your profit?

Barrister Mainul Hossain said to keep the other accused in the DB office with the other accused at around 10pm, ‘Keep me here? I have to stay with the accused? Can not make any other arrangements? It seems to be a lot of trouble. “Then the DB officials said that you have to stay with the other accused in this custody.

After arrest, Barrister Mainul Hossain, another officer of the DB said, initially Barrister Mainul Hossain said that his mistake was made. He did not want to hurt and speak. He said that he is repentant. Asked by another lawyer to send legal notice to Masuda Bhatti, he said that I did not send legal notices to Masuda by myself or anyone else.

Barrister Moinul DB asked if he had ever gone to jail

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