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Mashrafe’s World Cup final

Tiger captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza thought a little different before the third and final match. Talking to reporters present at the Teams Hotel on Thursday (October 25th), Mashrafe spoke about the experiment. What is the test, why and where? Tiger captain gave a detailed explanation. Series confirmed. The best time to test the team right now. Thinking about the test, the only people who did not get the chance – Nazmul Hossain Shant, Ariful Haque, Abu Hayder Rony and Rubel Hossain! The issue is not the same.

Not to say, this is the necessity and unnecessary but Mashrafe meant the World Cup squad. Mashrafe has explained to her the interpretation of the fact that not only is the examination of the opportunity given to the unnecessary and the people who have not yet got the opportunity.

Mashrafe’s body language, attitude, shape, indication, and the fact that inside, his World Cup squad is a very final one. It is almost perfect for who will be in most positions. Few places are still empty. They can be tested for completing all the positions.

Now that the experiment will be done, it is a team of team decorating. So instead of testing the last match against Zimbabwe, Mashrafe is thinking of the next World Cup. Mashrafe started talking about a little relevant behind the fact that, taking Zubabu against Fazle Rabbi and Saifuddin.

In this context, Mashrafe said, ‘Actually there is no need to scrutinize everywhere. If you look at the original image, then see Fazle Rabbi came for a logical reason. Shakib is not there, he needs a left-arm spinner, who knows how to bat.

That means that a left arm spinner was needed because it was thought that way. We have been looking for a real all-rounder for a long time. And because of Saifuddin was adopted, The pace bowling allrounders are now the only Saifuddin. Wherever he said HP or Dhaka League, he was doing well. So it was in my opinion. ”

The next words are very important. Who thinks a little more about the World Cup squad, who can get a chance in the World Cup squad? This is unbelievable. There is good news for them, captain Mashrafe has kept a whole table on the subject. He has almost explained, who are in the World Cup team!

That is why it is said in the mouth, ‘If you see, then you will see that there is no chance to change so much. I think if everyone is healthy, then there is a chance to change that up to six number positions but fewer. And when Shakib and Tamim come back, the opportunity will be less. May change the number to seven. Or an extra bowler. Saifuddin is doing well. So it seems to me that Saifuddin’s funeral is good all over. And everyone is hopeful about him. There is no place in my opinion that there is no place to change. Soumya may have joined the team tomorrow. I still do not know what will happen to him. But now one player can be seen. ‘

Mashrafe has given another bomb-breaking dialogue to say this. Clearly, ‘I think because there is not much match before the World Cup, so if those who are thought to be in the form they are not in form, it is still more important to play them and prepare them better. Because the option is never created in eight months. So, those who have the opportunity to play in the World Cup, try to see their performances in the team and make sure that they can play such mental support in the World Cup. ”

Keep in mind one thing, Mashrafe has clearly said that if the people who have been considered are not in the form of the form, they will not return to their option, returning to these potential performers is the main task. As it is said, the list is mesmerized. So maybe he has been called back in the last moment.

Surely you want to know how Mashrafe’s World Cup squad? Then listen, Mashrafe did not name one but one. Said, now that the batting order, its first six will inevitably remain. Tamim and Shakib were the first to get six – Tamim, Liton, Mushfiqik, Shakib, Mahmudullah and Mithun. Six of them have played in Asia Cup They will all be there.

With this, Captain Mashrafe himself has an automatic choice. Cutting Master Mustafiz-Rubel is also 100 percent sure. And the pace bowling allrounder quota Saifuddin and as an off-spinner, Miraz is almost seasoned to be in the team.

Two opener backups Imrul And Souvenir is the option of three and seven. So, 13 people were able to count! The other two left As the game is in England, it will be necessary to put extra pacer in the team. That is, one of the rest of the team might be the bowler.

The other might have left-handed spinner Not a batsman, who can even spin the ball. Mashrafe and Team Management will fix the two of the following series.

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