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Mango juice is not there

RAB-10 and BSTI raided an illegal factory in South Sanaarpar area of ​​Siddhirganj in Narayanganj. The operation was conducted on Monday under the leadership of Executive Magistrate Sarwar Alam. Without the permission of BSTI in the factories, various food items including bottled juices were prepared. No fruit or fruit extract was used to make ‘juice’. These products were produced in the unhygienic environment without the laboratory. Mobile courts impose seven years of imprisonment for seven years in connection with the construction of these goods. The factory was sealed by financing six lakh taka.

False Agro and Food Products is being manufactured in the factory, the fake marmalade juice

Although the jail is a fake factory in the name of many factories.

Colors and chemicals are made of ‘orange juice’.

This mixture of colors and chemicals is filled with bottles.

The counterfeit candy is made of various Nami brands in this factory.

The name of ‘TANG’ is being used in their low-grade powder drinks. This is actually ‘creation tang’.

This unhealthy place was used as a factory authority lab.

These domestic appliances are used to produce ‘juice’ of Afsara Agro and Food Products Company.

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