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Love for AB in the city of Sumbh

Ayub Bachchu talked about the dream of a teenager in the village of Sumbhanga. The lyrics are the reflections of his life. At the end of the song there is a line  the boy who dreams about ‘escapes life Likewise, many dreams are fulfilled, and some are left unfulfilled, everyone’s favorite AB. Not only the city the whole country has lost sleep in the chest. The loss of Rupali guitar singer Priyad Ayub Bachchu was everywhere.

On Friday, the fans came to the team to see the last person for the last time in the Shahid Minar. Ayub Bachchu’s coffin covered their love swelling. Then, at the National Eidgah ground, there was no place for Ranjha in his first funeral. Later, two more namaz-e-janaza were held at Magbazar and Tejgaon. There, in the name of artists, colleagues and devotees named. Then the body of the artist was kept in the snow-field of Square Hospital. Today’s birthplace Chittagong will be buried beside the grave of the mother of the legendary poet Ayub Bachchu.

Artist Ayub Bachchu died on Thursday after his heart failure stopped at 56. The news of his death was preached in the country and abroad media.
At the central Shaheed Minar on Friday morning, the movement of people of all walks of life was brought under the supervision of the Sangskilit Sangskritik Jote. The culture of the country, the companionship of the musicians came in the same way, and they were thrown out of the ordinary people. The streets of the central Shaheed Minar were shipped beyond the streets of the neighborhood. Standing on the line, they gave their last respect to the coffin of the favorite artist.

Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Noor, Sumna Haque, Fouad Nasser Babu and many folks-fellows fell apart to pay tribute. At the time of paying tribute to Shaheed Minar, his colleagues surrounded the coffins of Ayub Bachchu during the time of paying tribute to his colleagues. They are Tapan Chowdhury, Shafiin Ahmed, Manam Ahmed, Kumar Biswajit, Ravi Chowdhury Kabir Bakul, Nasir Uddin Yusuf, Ayub Bachchu’s younger brother Irfan Chowdhury. Ending with a minute of silence is the tribute period.

After paying tribute to Shaheed Minar, his body was taken to the National Eidgah ground adjacent to the High Court. Juma left his first namaz-e-janaza held there. There are also people’s piles. Then the body was taken to Ayub Bacchu’s favorite recording studio ‘Magbazar’s AB Kitchen’. After that, the body was taken to the body of Channel I Building at Tejgaon after the second namaz-e-janaza. After this, the third namaz-e-janaza of the remaining events was held after paying tribute to

Then the body of the artist was kept in the snow-field of Square Hospital. Today, Australia and Canada, Ayub Bachchu’s daughter Phiroj Safra and son Ahnaf Tajwaar are due to reach Dhaka. After coming, the body will be taken to the birthplace of Chittagong At the end of the fourth namaz-e-janaza, he will be buried next to his mother’s grave at the family graveyard at Enayet Bazar. Family sources confirmed this information.

Awami League general secretary road transport and labor minister Obaidul Quader gave the first tribute to the coffin of Ayub Bachchu at Shaheed Minar. Then the Awami League, Communist Party, Workers Party, Jasad (Inu), Basad, Krishak League, Jubo League, Chhatra League, Chhatra League Student Union, Chhatra Maitree, Jubo Maitree, University of Alumni Association, Sylhet Sammilita Sangskritik Jote, Television Theater Association, Public Library Department, Bangladesh Musical Band Association (Bamba), Architects 71 Facebook Group ‘Naughty Boys’ Association, Music Industry Owners Association of Bangladesh, Chittagong Samity – Dhaka, Patiya Samity – Dhaka, American International University  Bangladesh, Bangladesh Music Council, Sambar, Recitation Coordination Council, Ekta Cultural Society, Udichi, Patnatak Parishad, Oriental, Buddhist Cultural Council, youth solidarity, band team ‘legend’, Musicians Foundation, Comilla paper, currents recitation Parliament, Chhatra League-Dhaka University Branch

Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Noor, Social Welfare Minister Rashed Khan Menon, Awami League Publicity Secretary Hasan Mahmud, JSD General Secretary MP Shirin Akhtar, Liberation War Museum Trustee Mofidul Haque, Imdadul Haque Milon, Fakir Alamgir, Dhaka University Providence Muhammad Samad, Hon. . Hamid, dramatist Enamul Haque, journalist Mozammel Babu, Shankar Sanjal, Feedback Fouad Naser Babu, artist Sumna Haque, Kamal and Tipu of Warfaj, Sumon of meaningless band, Syed Hasan Tipu of the Observer.

Paying homage to the Awami League, the party’s general secretary Obaidul Quader said that he added new dimension to band music. That is why he got everyone’s love. As an artist, he has become the asset of this country. His departure is absolutely sudden.he left the vacancy and left. I believe, the new generation will be excited by the newbie on its way. RAB Director General enazir Ahmed said Ayub Bachchu was always against the drug.

At the concert he talked about the drug. Let’s talk to Ayub Bachchu’s fans in forming a beautiful society, let’s not tell the drug permanently in his honor. If we love him we have to stand against the drug. Tapan Chowdhury said that this person has come to show love in this martyrs tower – this is a great achievement in an artist’s life.

Fond Nadar Babu of Bandel Feedback said that his hard work, pursuit and passion for the song were constant. She was an institution herself. 16 million people. Ayub Bacchu was fond of fans of the guitar’s silent tunes. His guitar

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