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Lipstick use reduces the intelligence of girls

There is no pair of lipstick to enhance the beauty of  lips. But recently a study has found that Lipstick use may reduce the intelligence of girls. Because lipstick contains harmful lead; Which can have negative effects on human intelligence, behavior and learning abilit

Lipstick is one of the important aspects of women’s beauty.


No matter how many cosmetics, the beauty of women without lipstick is incomplete. But it is important to be careful with lipstick use…..

Because studies have shown that the use of lipstick can reduce the intelligence of women!!

University of California researchers conduct research on the product of lip-making. Their research report was recently published in Environmental Journal Environmental Health Perspective. The study was conducted by collecting 12 brands of Auckland lipsticks and lipglas…

Studies have shown that lipstick contains harmful lead Which can have a negative impact on human intelligence, behavior and learning ability. Of these 22 brandvailable in lipstick and leopardas lead.

Researchers also say that Lipstick uses very little lead; But a slight lead can have a negative effect on human intelligence and

It also has a bad effect on the mental state. Especially if pregnant women use lead-based lipstick, they may have a bad effect on a child

In 2010, a study of the American Food and Drug Administration gave a lot of lead to lipstick. However, Lipstick currently uses much less lead than ever before, researchers

Researchers at the University of California say that before using lipstick or lip gloss, its components should be well,…

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