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Life insurance is not a common product

1. I do not need to purchase my life insurance policy the statement is not true. The main truth of life is death.

The person who runs the whole family in earnings, in the premature death of the person, the family falls into uncertainty wants to stop the life cycle In many cases everyday life becomes difficult for children to have a lot of problems including education treatment and marriage.

In the case of life insurance, the bachelor employs one or more nominees, to give the nominee the prescribed insurance cover after his death.

Therefore, if the life insurance letter is purchased, it is not possible to meet the shortage of the person, but it can be possible to overcome some financial problems.

2. Insurance companies offer less profit than the bank If the money is not deposited by the insurance policy the money will be returned to the account holder or his nominee with the deposited money and fixed interest if the money is deposited in the bank’s name in the name of the FDR or any other.

But life does not take any risk. It is not always proper to compare life insurance policies with the profit of the bank.

Because the purpose of the two is different. Banks only protect the deposited money while life insurance companies work on financial risk related issues.

3. Life Insurance Policy Purchasing Money Includes: An Investment In Buying Life Insurance Policy In no way is money wasteful. If you buy the policy, get insurance claim from the insurance company.

By claiming this insurance, the recipient can meet the temporary financial problems, develop a work and keep yourself and the family free from economic anxiety.

4. I have a lot of resources, so there is no need for insurance policy: Lots of resources sometimes cause liability. It is necessary to see that total liabilities current liabilities and long-term liabilities are less or less than total assets.

If the total liability is higher, then the deficit can be met by purchasing the equivalent insurance policy of the additional charge.

Life Insurance Policy is a long term investment. A portion of the profits earned from this investment can be measured in terms of money the other part is not measurable

5. There is no need for life insurance policy in life: risk of life is only risk. Risks may exist or may come in the future. Because the future is unknown.

So if you are alone, you should buy insurance policy..

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