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Let’s kill it and kill it

Bump is a video viral on Facebook. The video is Nostalgic on its Facebook Wall, model-actress Jannatul Ferdous Pia. The video shows that a young girl who was reading a college uniform slapped a young man in the bus.

It is known that a young man who teased the young woman on the bus. The girl protested the incident.

Meanwhile, the video is shared on his Facebook wall, Nostalgic, model-actress Jannatul Ferdous Pia. One incident that happened with myself was shared.
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Praising the protesting girl, Piya wrote on Facebook, “I remember my own self. In 2011, I was standing in front of my university in front of main road in front of main road in front of main road. While passing by one side, he got hit.
‘First try to understand that the mistake was done or did? Looking forward to me, I looked back and looked at me with a cheerful smile. Where else can go! After pulling the collar, I took them to Gulshan 2 circle to kill me.

‘To say that some people were coming, the girl is not so angry at the people. I told you to put it on and kill you..


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