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Last year Hiron Alam had run away with his sister

There is a storm of discussion in social media about the purchase of Hero Alam’s nomination in the country’s wide ranging discussion by showing diverse performances, songs and dances on YouTube. He is known for his role as an actor and model, and the critically-acclaimed hero Alam alias Ashraful Alam collects nomination papers from the Jatiya Party…


Since announcing the election, Hero Alam has been seen as a guest from TV talk shows and TV shows. When he found his past home in Bogra, he found out the details of Hero Alam.


Her father Abdur Razzak  Ashrafun Begum wife Sabihaha Akter Sumi elder daughter Class-2 student Alomoni, daughter girl  student of Akhi Lodi and year-old son Abir Hossain

When asked about hero Alam, his father Abdur Razzak said,If I die father Ahmad, I would marry Ashrafun Begum. They have three sisters, one brother. We made them like their own children. The girls have got married. Alam dish has

Her father Abdur Razzak said that when her father died, I married Ashrafun Begum. They have three sisters, one brother. Like a boy and a I’ve made them man. The girls have got married. Alam dish has business. This business basically looks after it. Alam wants to fly the In the name of making music videos, there are many places in the night. Parents and children do not look after their..

Abdul Latif Mondol, chairman of Erlia Union with Hiroy Alam, said that one year ago, his wife Shali (wife’s younger sister) Bilkis with Pulsalo. That seems to be judged. And Judge Humac seems to be done occasionally. Taka Leia used to have trouble after two days. Even then, the joy of the area So the camera is re-selecting. Actually mother is an egg on a pagla. It has not been able to camouflage. Again the national liberation Actually not good to stay in the heat.

Regarding the findings of Hero Alam known that the young generation of the area knows about the hero Alam, but the elderly do not know him

Nandigram Upazila Jatiya Party President Hajj Nurul Amin Bachchu said that there is no popularity in the election area. Nobody knows him. And the question of nominating hero Alam is not raised. Kahalu Upazila Jatiya Party President Ibrahim Ali Dhulu said, who is this hero Alam. You can get nominations when singing dance. Hero Alam has no contact with party activists. Suddenly the nomination took the magazine-watching He can recognize the young generation better Facebook and the voting grounds are not the same….

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