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Know the hero of Shahrukh Khan suffering past

Bollywood born SRK Shahrukh Khan was born in Delhi Muslim family. Known famous Indian actor, television presenter and philanthropist He started his acting career with several television serials in late 1980.

He now believes in all of us. Let’s  his sad history behind this success.

1. Born in a Muslim family in 1965, his father was born in New Delhi. His father Taj Mohammad Khan was an Indian freedom activist. According to Khan, his grandfather was actually an Afghan citizen. His mother, Major General Shah Nawaz Khan Janjua Rajput tribe.

2. In 1988, he made his debut as an actor through the character of Commodo Abhimanyu Rai on Fauzi Television series. Then in 1989, he played a central role in the circus series, which was based on the life of a common circus actor. Shah Rukh left New Delhi to move to Mumbai and start a new life.

3. He played the role of Fame in Hema Malini, who gave Shah Rukh Khan his debut and gave an opportunity to act in Ashna Hayay. she started the journey of the film. In this film, she was opposed. The film is commercially successful and she is able to take a seat in Bollywood. Actually his first film was supposed to be Ashaa Hai but Diwana was first released. In the same year

He also portrayed some of the pictures, such as the beautiful, controversial art film Maya Mamsub. Actually his first film was supposed to be Ashaa Hai but Diwana was first released. In 1994. However, her performance as a psychopath was honored, and she won the Fifth Flamemhaar Best Villain Award in 1995.

4. In 1993 he got a huge fame by playing actress in Baazigar . In the horror film, Shahrukh played the role of an unassailable boyfriend, the film was very successful . He won his first Filmfare Best Actor Award for Baazigar. He is one of Bollywood’s most successful actors. For the extraordinary contribution of Hindi film, the government of India gave Shahrukh Khan the Padma Shri award for the year 2002.

5. 1995 was a year of great success for him. He broke the record of Dilhalie, Dulhania Le Jaienge Box office and received all its credit. Which is the most widely publicized picture of India, which can be compared to Shol. The film is currently showing for twelve years and earning more than 12 billion rupees. This is how he became the hero of our dream

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