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Kangana so expensive house!

He is the queen of Liud. His palace will be expensive, it does not say. Bollywood star Kangna Ranaut has come

with news almost every day. Sometimes he stormed the social media for his insensitive remarks..

and sometimes for his weird clothes. Very surprisingly, the expensive clothes, bags, shoes in Kangana are astonishing

to everyone. Now the news of Bangla like his palace came forward. Bollywood quinn is not just the design of this

banglow, but its price is bound to come to the forehead.


In an interview before the release of ‘Simran’, Kanga said in his palatial Bengali. He is a hill girl.he

chose the house of his dream house to the mountains of the mountains. In a very beautiful region of Manali

Kangana developed a little bit of her dream home in this house. It took him four years to build the bungalow. Now

the construction of the bungalow is completed. It is known that the queen of Bollywood is celebrating Diwali in her dream palace.

This huge bungalow of Kangner in the hills and forests of Manali From the bungalow to the eyes, the sight of the

scenes only. It is known that this house was built on land worth Rs. 10 crore. I am surprised to hear the price of the

land. There is still a lot to be surprised. Now let’s know, how much money has been spent to build Kangarar.

According to the news, Kangana built a bungalow on the bank of Manali hills for spending Rs 30 crore.

Kangana posted a video in social media. In this video, the queen of Bollywood has shown her eye shadow of this

house. Kangna named the house of his dream ‘Kartikey Nibas’. Because the name is kept, the temple of Lord Kartik near Bangla.

Kangana is also in discussions with her personal life as well as pictures. His upcoming movie will be

released next years..

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