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Is mystery wrestling not real or fake not

There are very few people who have not seen nternet wrestling! This is a popular program for many. But the magic of wrestling all over the worldis unknown to everyone.

The popular wrestling over the last few decades is about people who have different speculation imagination. Even after wrestling, despite all these injurieas doubts about how people live. And those who are involved in this wrestling never disclose anything in this regard. Know some unknown information about wrestling.

Is Wrestling really fake?
Yes, wrestling is nothing but a wonderful stage play. But the difference with the general stage drama is that the wrestler’s mistakes on the stage are easily seen and wrestling enjoys from different parts of the world.

Where a big wrestler wins a lot of money in the fight, why a wrestler is defeated?

The reason for this is very normal. It has a script like stage play so that different actors work in different roles. If a Wrestler wants to win himselfs job.

Wrestlers are really hurt?
This is nothing but a scene of writers’ scam wounded in the scripts. The stage is completely helpful for Wrestlers. In addition to the Wrestler, the art of making many wounds on the stage is made, which is really dangerous. If a Wrestler makes a mistake by not workg to the Art, he may be seriously injured. However, no wrestler does not hit his opponent anymore, just as we have seen in the film. However, due to unintended wrongdoing, the opponent was hit. Even a wrestler can not be found that this stage was not hurt. Many people ended their career by having a big blow.

The blood that is seen in the time of wrestling is real?
Most of the time they contain the blood’s blood. There is a type of blade used in different wrestler bodies. But sometimes due to unwaryness, blood falls from the other parts of the body. Besides, blood capsules are used during wrestling. But never use color or sauce.

Wrestlers accept illegal druoids. Wrestlers, like other sports players, also eat food according to the doctors’ advice for the normal process of hiking and hormones. But there is nothing to be surprised if many Wrestle secretly took drugs.

Wrestlers are really their girlfriend on the Wrestling stage?
No, such a woman is sent to wrestlers only for family drafts on the wrestling stage. They also try to make wrestling more attractive through different stances.

Why the referees are so helpless in wrestling?
Wrestling rehearsals do not play such an important role as other games, but their behavior also shows a lot helplessness. Such behavior of the referees is also part of the drama. The referees always have a attached. They manage wrestling according to the instructions given by the di

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