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Iraq’s counterfeit coupéo Argentina

Argentina team has played against Iraq today without Messi Although Messi is not there, Sergio Romero has been given a chance in the Argentine XI for a long time against Iraq. Also playing Diabla and Icardi

Argentina is the only way to see how it is against Messi without Messi. Past experience but not good. Argentina has been in danger for the match in the last World Cup in which Messi did not play. Twenty-two world champions could not benefit from Messi despite the World Cup.

Argentina has played domination against Iraq since the start of the tournament. Four shots have taken Argentina and Iraq only two.

Match result: Match results at the end of the 53-minute match Argentina 2 – Iraq 0. In the 18th minute of the match, Argentina scored the first goal for Martianz after the second goal scored Argentina in the second goal of Argentina.

The game started in Bangladesh at 12:00 pm. No TV channel in Bangladesh is broadcasting live directly. But Facebook Page Radio has made it possible to watch the game live online.


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