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Indians are more fixing

Sports around the world worried about the black thab of fixing. The ICC has taken several steps to stop the fixing and stern positions. The ICC is very worried about the loss of good qualit of the game, not being controlled.

Fixing has been introduced in many old cricket matches. It’s a lot less fixing. But the ICC is keeping a strict vigil on thisj..

They are currently in the Northeastern series between Sri Lanka and England. They may think that there may be unpleasant incidents. Some days accuse Sri Lanka’s former cricket legend Sanath Jayasuriya of fixing the Anti-Corruption Unit of the ICCm

According to the ICC, most of the more fixing cases in the world are mostly in Indian gamblers. ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit General Manager Alex Marshall told this surprise story in an interview given to the popular cricket website ESPNcricinfo..

Marshall saidIn Sri Lanka the gamblers are local and Indians are more And if you talk about the world, most corrupt gamblers are Indians. Anti-Corruptio Unit will be monitoring the Sri Lankan cricket, thinking that many suspects can be found..

When asked whether Sri Lankan cricketers are all lodged in the ICC’s list of suspects, Marshall replied Gamblers, locals and Indians are more in Sri Lanka. And if you talk about the world, most corrupt gamblers are Indians..

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