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India passenger made record in steals

Indian trainers shocked at the burglary of theft. A report published by the Indian Railway Department revealed such information..

Indian passengers did not exclude bed-sheet, pillow-wire, even bathrooms towels during the journey. In this list, the ceiling fan, bathroom mug also got it in his bag in the mind.

The report says the RFF has recovered about Tk 2.97 crore worth of stolen goods from passengers in the year 18-18-18. These include iron grill, bathrooms and bathroom. Some passengers even stole or even stole the iron from the railway track.

A list has been published by the Western Railwa. There were shown how much amount of theft was stolen.

It has been found in the published list, 01.95 million in towels have been stolen from long-distance trains in the financial year 2017. Bedsheets were stolen 81 thousand 736 The pillow cover has been stolen 55,573 It is not the end here, 5,838 pillows and 7 of 43 blankets in the list are stolen.

Apart from being found in the stolen list, 200 mugs of water, which are tied with iron chains in each bathroom, have also been stolen. 1 thousand iron fairs and more than 300 flashpipe has been opened

Railways Public Relations Officer Sunil Udasi said that from April to September 79 thousand 350 towels thousand 545 bed beds, 21 thousand 50 pillow covers, 2,500 150 pillows and 2,655 blankets were stolen

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