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India best hot models

To be the best model of India’s career everyone has. the triumph of models of the world is going on. Discussing today best 12 models of India

Bengali actress Hrishikesh Mukhopadhyay’s grandmother Bollywood Bollywood Titan Park Avenue, where he had rented a famous brand.
Her sister Tupuro is known face. Their family had chosen the names of two sisters from the poetry line of Robi Thakur.

Tapapur Tupur river came under the rainy season of the strings of Tapapur got the name of their name. It can be said in the modeling world that Ban brings two sisters.

Among the Indian model ‘Sex Symbol’ is on top of the list of Solan Singh Chauhan. In the film like Jannat, Nodalur has played.

Among the other models he is another example. He also starred in the film popular face, as well as in a film titled Mumbai Salsa.

Priyanka Chopra eyebrows in ‘Barfi Charming is acting. But before that he was a model.

Elementary was not the motivation for early modeling The manager of the hotel where his mother used to work motivates him in modeling. Then there is the familiar face of Margar

The popular face of the Indian television industry is one of the popular faces of the industry. Cherie matching fairies to match different stage shows.

She has kept her acting talent repeatedly in Bollywood. Priyanka has become a popular face for the promotion of brand promotion. He also played a model in the film Fashion. But in reality her modeling career shykhake.

Pooja, also known as Actress. She worked in the film Fashion .Heroin.  Puja is equally successful in her modeling career. Puja won the Femina

Successful modeling carrier also acted as a great actress in the television industry. In 2012, in the film Riyat.

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