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Independent card to bring the country’s income to freelancing

In order to bring the country’s freelancer’s digital payment through an independent card in the fastest time.

Bank Asia and MasterCard have agreed to work with Pioneer The online platform of Payonea, established as the medium of transactions for freelancers worldwide.

Freelancers of Bangladesh get their freelancing income from marketplace such as freelancer properly informed by Payoneeer.

An Independent Card was inaugurated earlier this year which is now associated with Payoner’s account the

freelancers will get their hard-earned money easily now which will make their life more rhythmic  In this process the

freelancers can transfer their earning money to the dollar even in dollars after leaving the traditional method.

To enjoy this feature Freelancers need an independent MasterCard, Smartphone Bank Asia Smart App and Payoner Account.

Now it is only a matter of time in the hands of freelancing earning.

Freelancers can use the Bank Asia Smart App to attach their own peonier accounts to their independent MasterCard.

Once the independent card is connected to Payonia accounts the freelancers will be able to check their payon account balance using the Bank Asia Smart App.

Freelancers will be able to send money to the independent card at any time from their Payanaria account.


This card contains the Export Retention Quota ERQ which allows the freelancers to use up to 70% of their income in US dollars.

Freelancers can enjoy all the benefits of MasterCard and Bank Asia locally and internationally.

The Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank, Ahmed Jamal was the chief guest at the program.

The unique ones are Syed Almas Kabir, President BASIS Arfan Ali, President & Managing Director, Bank Asia Limited Syed Mohammad Kamal Country Manager MasterCard Bangladesh and Patrick De Courcy Head of Asia Pacific Peoniyar and senior officials were present.

Arfan Ali said that the unification of independent card and peonier is a milestone for the freelance community and ICT exporters of Bangladesh.

Through this freelancers and ICT exporters can use their valuable earnings in local and foreign currency as per their requirement.

Patrick de Corpsi said that an unparalleled innovation of independent cards.

Payonia is very proud to work with Bank Asia and MasterCard to bring the best payment solution for freelancers in Bangladesh.

Through this they are able to earn money from global customers.

Syed Almas Kabir said Bangladesh has reached the doorstep of development in e-commerce.

We believe that BASIS will play an important role in moving the e-commerce sector of the country towards further prosperity with the support and support of the company like MasterCard

Syed Mohammad Kamal said that this is an excellent initiative of MasterCard and Bank Asia which is timely in our country’s socio-economic context when we are digitally developing Bangladesh.

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