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In the morning 6 eggs are eating 13 bananas

The tallest man in the world, Jinnat Ali of et 6 inches high. Jinnat Ali got the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday During the meeting, Jinnat told the Prime Minister about various physical problems and took responsibility for his treatment.

At present Jinnat Ali will have two big-sized bread, five eggs and a dozen bananas at the breakfast menu. In the afternoon a he is being provided with six to seven patients. Although he suffered from food problems earlier, he is now alone getting food for 18 to 20

BSMMU Hospital Brigadier General Abdullah Al Harun said, “After the hospital admission, Jinnat Ali was given more food than other patienta dietician named Tritvita was given the responsibility of preparing his food list for tall and demandino the responsible doctor Jinnat Ali, he informed us about how much food.

He said that Jinnat Ali has been providing breakfast of six to seven patients per day breakfast, lunch and dinner at every hospital. After the meeting with the Prime Minister andas been raised – claiming this is not so he beginningJinnat Ali is given more food than any normal patient..

Wrap the girl’s headband bandage. 90 percent of his body burns the skin. Although surprisingly true, it did not burn in the fire. The life-saving penicillin’s lethal reaction was in this violent state.

When this simple penicillin was allergic to him, then he was severely burned by his body. This young man died in Avignon, south of France.

According to a report, Tonsil was 29-year-old Camila Lagiera. That is why penicillin is given to him. It is known to have serious allergic issues.

The body of the whole body is burning in the skin. He has to stay in the hospital for three weeks in this condition. His mouth, tongue, genitalia and trachea were severely damaged. After the treatment, his body remained stark here.

His rare condition is called toxic obstructive necrolysis (TEN-TEN). There are chances of one or two million people having rare diseases of one or two people. Lagiera skin will never be the same again.

He said, after eating penicillin the first signs were seen in the eye irritation and stains on the back of the body. Within hours, the situation deteriorated. Penicillin was given to me due to the problem of anzina. But in my childhood, I ate the penicillin. But allergies can appear at any age.

After this situation, parents took her to the emergency department of Avignon Hospital. He was sent to Marseille’s Burning Unit’s emergency care center. Doctors did not know the disease could have this disease. It’s very dangerous.

The ligarca was given amoxicillin. It is an antibiotic of the penicillin family. After the feeding, the blurred skin appeared on his skin. He was taken to the hospital after seeing such a terrible condition. Experts quickly understand that they have toxic adiposal necrolysis. The body responds to taking medicines.

In this case, tens is really rare. There are some tolerable levels which are called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. But it can be one or two in ten million. This is what the American National Organization for Rare Disorders

She is recovering from the hospital. But the body has been burnt stains. It was a bit sad at this. But slowly he started returning to normal life.

I love myself He wrote about these experiences on the blog. He wants others to say, life can be beautifully arranged even when it comes back from hell.

Police; But mother …

A woman is writing something about Khata at the chairr the police dress. In front of him is a table high. And there is a child lying in the table. Where the baby is in the shadow, the pe table is prevented from the front. As a result, it is not possible to show anyone from the front that there is a child. This is the story of the police mother.

Such a picture has become viral in social media. The film is surrounded by social media. No, for photography, but the fact that the picture is captured is very much dihe girl wearing the photo is actually a constable from Kotwali police station of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Name worship jayworld now recognizes her as ‘Mother Cop’. This police mother has now become the center of d

The inhabitants of the cult of Agara She is now on the show in Jhansi Husband and family are in Agra. 6 month old daughter Anika. He lives in a rented house with flags. Because the family is not close to him, the care of the child is entirely on him. the child and the job has become a big challenge near the offering. In the words, who is cooked, he binds hair. It is the same in the case of offerings. He also managed to manage the police station on one side, and also took ca

But how he managed to do two difficult jobs? Carna said in an interview given to the NDTV, “The problem is only in the near future. But both of them are equally important. As soon as I work, I look after the girl. So when I came to work, bring the girl along with me. Sf Anirak Saval and police stations can be handled simultaneously.

In the police station was not managed; But when to go to the outdoor? Archana said, ‘Many times the emergency is called. Then there is no way. With Anika, I went to the police station. There is nothing to do with sleeping and feeding. The colleagues keep a lot of attention.

Everyone is happy to see the challenge of organizing these two challenges. Wanted, he applied for the transfer. Applying for Agra transfer. If there, Anikka will be able to look after her fbe possible to work well for him. Meanwhile, he is going to reward the police department after seeing the arrangements for organizing two tasks

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