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In the CCU Kanglini Sufia no one searched for the artist

Kanglini Sufia’s condition undergoing treatment at Enam Medical College Hospital in Savar did not improve.

After a brain stroke, a block was detected on his heart. In addition problems were found in blood pressure and kidneys…

In this situation he has been transferred to the Coronary Care Unit  of Enam Medical College HospitalEarlier..

on Tuesday night he was admitted to the hospital. He was admitted to hospital due to headache and frequent vomiting.

He is currently undergoing treatment at the PCCU-2 bed of Coronary Care Unit under the supervision of

cardiacologist Professor Moin Uddin Ahmed of Enam Medical College Hospital. After hearing about his illness..

the chairman of the company and local MP Dr Enamur Rahman went to see him on Saturday and at noon and

inquired about his treatment and took the responsibility of the hospital and ordered all medical treatment.

Doctor at duty Dr Mahbubur Rahman said that he was brought to CCU on Friday due to Kangalini

Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Injury due to Mile Injuri, High Blood Pressure and Pressure. Now his headache has

decreased. He said that if he gets treatment from two to five days here, his problems will be further reduced.

Kanglini Sufiyan grandson Sohan Jajabar said, after my nanu fell ill, all the artisan people were called on the phone.

But in the last few days Kangalini Sufia is hoping to not see anybody from the artist’s side until she has passed a few days.

Note that Baul singer Kanglini Sufiya is known as singer by singing at a village event at the age of 14.

Then his name was included as regular artist of Bangladesh Television. At that time, DG of Shilpakala Academy of

Bangladesh. Mustafa Monwar gave the title  From that he got the name Kanglini Sufiya. He has received almost 30

national and 10 international awards in music. About 500 songs have been composed by the song. The list of his

popular songs is ‘Paranar friendly ray, old age due to you….

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