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In Narayanganj four youths were injured in Pabnas house

The identity of four youths rescued on Sundayfrom the Panchrukhhi Government Primary School in Satagram union of Araihazar upazila of Narayanganj. Their house in Pabna Among the relatives of the family, mourning is going on in mourning

They are – Sabuj Sardar (32), son of Khairul Sardar, son of Ratpar Sardar Jahurul Sarder, son of Lokman Sardar, 30, and Faruk Khandak son of late Solaiman Khand38, of Dharmagram of Ataikula thana of Pabna.

On Monday (October 22nd), Narayanganj Sadar General Hospital saw the bodies of the dead, and identified their relatives. The relatives of the deceased claimed that they were pickedr. The police were not in that area.

Khairul Sardar, the father of the deceased, said that the deceased green was his elder son. Sabuj’s wife and Jissan have a son of seven months. He used to work as a craftsman in Baker’s house in the village. In order to pay the family loamoney due to lack of money, they went to Dhaka on Mondayce then, no greenhouse was found when the mobile phone was closed.

On the other hand, Faruk Hossain was a bus driver in Narayanganj, said his family. But the relatives claim that they are not involved in politics. Ratan, Jahurul and Liton disappeared after going to Dhaka in search of work.

Fahima Hossadaughter Fahima Khatun said that my father was living in Narayanganj for the last 15 years. There he was running a bus named ‘Glory Express’. My father was not contacted since Friday 19th October. On Saturday, Octobeame to know that DB police took away my father from the Gaussia residence in Narayanganj, wearing DB police in white robes.

Fahima said that on Sund heard that four bodies were found in Araihazar, one of them was my father. My father did not blame, but why he was killed.

Mother Ambiya Khatun was shaking her son for the green chief He said, Liton, Sabuj and Jahurul cousins. The three of them worked in Azad Baker in Pabna. They went to Faruk’s house on Narayanganj on October 15. On Friday (October 19th), suddenly we came to know who and who was picked up.

After receiving this news, the Azad Baker, located in the big bridge area of ​​Pabna, was discovered that the bakery was closed several years ago.

Jahurul’s wife Subarna Begum claimed that my husband had said on Friday afternoon that he would send money through development. And also told to come home. But that night I could not communicate with my husband again. Liton Hossain’s mother Shefali Begum sadid not know where my son was.”

Meanwhile, residents of the village claimed that they were not involved in any crime in the four villages. But no one understands why they died.

Masum Hossain, a resident of Dharmagram, said they are children of very poor families. During the trouble, Dinatipat did. We do not know if they were involved in any crime.

Atiqula Police Station Officer-in-ChargeMasud Rana said that the police did not complain about them in our police station. But their previous record is not good.

OC we know that they would not have been regular in the village. Among them Faruk was absent in the village for a long time, and the other three were not often in the village. They are believed to be involved in robberies in different areas.

Asked about the law enforcers being taken away.. OC Masud Rana said, “We do not know anything about this.” We have learned through TV and newspapers.

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