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If Tanushree Dutt appears at Salman Khan’s show

If Tanushree Dutt appears at Salman Khan’s show, then the big boss will be vandalized in the set. Maharashtra has recently made such a threat to India’s newly built army. The news is that the authorities have threatened to go to the Big Boss’s Lonavla set. Did you know about the Big Boss and Salman Khan?

Appearing in a media interview, the Bengali actress said that she is saying this kind of thing to go to the Big Boss house, it is a mistake to think it is a mistake. Thinking he is being hurt in his honor? If anyone thinks that the big boss’s house is heaven and Salman Khan is not a man, a god, it is wrong. Tonsushree Dutta also clarified that such a thought is not on his head. Why did he bother about Salman Khan, but he did not make any comment clearly about Tonsuri Dutt. But, in such comments about Salman, but there has been a buzz about Tonyushree again in a part of Bollywood.

Recently, Salman Khan is questioned about the controversy surrounding various peters and tanushri dutt. Where Salman said, why there is a debate over Tony Dutta and various stakeholders, he does not know anything about him. To make a comment about this, we first need to know everything. Not only this, if something happens to Tanushree Dutt, then the act will take its own action, it is clear that Bollywood ‘Bhajan’. That means, Salman Khan does not want to say too much about the tanushree dutt and the various paternal disputes, clarifying that Salman Khan clarified.

Shakib’s former wife Apu Biswas opened the mouth after Shakib Khan’s love with the heroine of Calcutta, Shabib Khan. Bubli’s name is not mentioned, but the hint is on his side. Apu said, he did not understand his motivation even after saying so much that he broke my house. Now, the curse of deprivation of my house and the innocent child’s father’s affection has become effective. Bubli, do you understand the trouble of breaking the world now?

Earlier, in response to the news of Shakib’s new love, Bubli said, Shakib Khan is my only name. Not audible or apoor. A superstar like Shakib will play different roles with many heroine, it is normal. I have no problem with it. But in the end Shakib Khan is only mine.

In view of Bubal’s speech, Apu said, Shakib was never really me. I used to use it. Because, it would not have been so if he was actually mine. Even she did not even think of my child. When the girl came after me, Shakib leaned towards that.

Apu said, I understood Bubli, he did not understand. She was too busy breaking my family and moving away from her father’s affection. Instead of humanity, he may have chosen his career.

But why not upload a picture of a family time on Facebook, why not? Shakib is one of his family? How is that family member leaning again or again? Then Bubli said, “If I do my wife properly, how does Shakib go to him?” I now want the answer to the same question to Bubli.

In the meantime, the buzz spreads everywhere, Shakib-Shravanti is love loving! This is what many Calcutta media say. Anand Bazar says, Srabanti is in love with a popular hero of two Bengalis. There, however, did not mention Shakib’s name, the top Bengali newspaper. However, in exchange for it, Shakib has been indicated there.
Meanwhile, many of the judges dismissed Tonshir’s complaint. He said he will be present at a press conference in this regard. She returned to Mumbai after completing the ‘Houseful 4’ film from Jaisalmer on Saturday. At the same time journalists pressed Nana at the Mumbai airport. Various Pandekar said, “I have already told all, falsehood is false.” The journalists will laugh at all after the meeting, said the counterparts..

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