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I fled from Saudi Arabia as the young woman

It is such a dramatic event through which world has seen the problems of women in Saudi Arabia.

An eighteen-year-old Rahaf Mohammad started his debate around the world by blocking himself in the Bangkok airport airport last week and declared that he would not go back home.

He escaped from his homeland of Saudi Arabia. After the start of a strong the government of Canada provided shelter to Rahaf Mohammad al-Kunun.

While there is a debate about the rights and dignity of women in Saudi Arabia, another woman like Rahaf al

His name is Salwa. The twenty-four-year-old woman escaped from Saudi Arabia with her sister and moved to Canada. Here’s his story to read in his own story:

For six years we were planning to leave the country. But to do this, we needed our passport and national identity card. My guardian’s consent was required to get these papers.  family parental consent is required..

Thankfully, when I was studying in the university, a national identity card was created.  Because there was a need for passport for an English language test.

But my family took them away from me. I needed to get those papers. So I steal the key of my brother’s house. Then we made the duplicate key in the keys manufacturing shop.

I hid out of the house. The job was very dangerous. If caught, there was a fear of big danger. After getting the fake key.

One day when my dad was asleep, I used his mobile phone to login to his account at the home ministry and changed the registered phone number to. Using his account, I got my father’s license to leave the country.

The way the country was about to leave: When we were sleeping all night, we two sisters went out of the house secretly. We do not know to drive. most of the taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners.

As a result, there were no questions in the taxi driver’s mind that two women are going to the airport themselves.

We boarded the King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh. If somebody noticed it and if we were caught, then we would have died.

In the last year of the university, I worked in a hospital that made some money. With that we get a plane ticket and a transit visa in Germany.

However, with my sister I sat on a German plane. It was my first air travel. That experience was unique. On the one hand I was as happy.

Everybody in the house woke up in the morning when we saw two children fleeing home, my father informed the police.

But since I changed my father’s phone number, whenever the Interior Ministry officials were trying to contact my father, those calls were playing on my phone.

Even after flying in Germany I was receiving a text message from them.

Salwa said about the reason behind the disappearance of foreigners, that we did not have the right to live in Saudi Arabia. I was sitting at home by hiring the university’s jute. There was nothing to do all day.

It hurts me too much..

We were taught that the men are better than all the girls, better than all girls. I was forced to fast on fasting.

After reaching Germany I took legal aid and found a lawyer who helped me get political asylum.

With his help, I completed the application for political asylum in Canada. While highlighting the reasons for choosing Canada to take refuge..

I’ve been interested in the news that Canada provided shelter to Syrian refugees. So I thought Canada would be the best place for me to live.

After my application was received, I moved from Germany to Toronto, Canada. The day I came to Toronto, the Canadian flag at the airport was full of heartache.  There is no danger in my life here. No one else forces me anymore.

Saudi Arabia may have a lot of money, but there is also individual freedom. I can go out of my apartment when I’m happy. No one wants permission. I’m really happy about the life here.

I love watching the fall of the snow and the snow in the nature of the present.

I’m learning French now, learning to ride bicycles, learning to swim. Learning ice skating. I feel like doing something really good about life.

I have no contact with my family.Now my house is here. This life is good for me.

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