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How to make a black, spots on the lips due to smokes?

Smoking is harmful to health it is a bad habit that everyone knows. In smoking people are attacked with various complex diseases.

Due to the habit of smoking another problem arises. Those who  their lips will be black it is very normal. Most of these boys are due to smoking.

Many people are very embarrassed with this lick. And you do not like to see it So if you want to remove this black spot of lip but it is not possible. you can remove this black spot from the lips.

Let’s know at this time some simple domestic techniques to remove the stains in the lip of the

1) Sprinkle lemon and spread a little sugar over a slice of thin slab and spread it on the rose beak. Sugar works here. Sugar lip helps to scrub and lemon lips help to make the skin shine.

2) Stomach lemon juice and glycerin with a little bit of lemon juice and apply it to the lips twice daily. Within a decade, the difference will be seen.

3) Honey, sugar and almond sugar and almond oil together. Massage the lips regularly with this mixture. This mixture increases your lip while increasing your lip gloss.

4) Tomato juice: Tomato juice in your lips at least twice a day. This will brighten your lips.

5) Mix honey and sugar with a few drops of olive oil and mix them well. This mixture helps to brighten your lips.

6) Milk or sour Lactic acid is very beneficial to brighten lips.

Lactic acid is rich in milk or sour milk. Massage the milk or sour  and lip at least twice a day.

It helps to rub the lips and rub the skin. Simultaneously also helps to remove the color of lip blackness….

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