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How the government will monitor Facebook and YouTube

The government has announced that it will control Facebook. YouTube and Google from November.

Postal, telecommunication and information technology minister Mustafa Jabbar announced the announcement as the chief guest at a ceremony held at the National Museum in Dhaka on Saturday.

Referring to the decision about the 11th parliamentary elections, the minister said progressing a long way. Facebook did not listen to our words at one time.. but now listening. They will run according to our local laws.

All the preparations have been completed to control Facebook, YouTube and Google since next month. In this month all kinds of devices will come.  rumors and false information surrounding the election.

If any content promoted through social media like Facebook or YouTube seems to be harmful to the Bangladesh government, then the government can take various measures to prevent them.

Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that steps have been taken by the government to use some technology.

These technologies can have both hardware or software and will be monitored using them very soon..


he said!

How to monitor?

How can we keep tabs on Facebook or YouTube content through these technologies? In response to such questions, the information gathered by Ireland’s social media researcher and non-governmental organization United Health Group, Nasim Mahmud said…

if Bangladesh wants the government, it will be able to keep an eye on these materials in two ways.

First, by asking for government information to large organizations like Facebook or Google. Many countries ask for information from Facebook or Google for their needs.

Second, indirectly monitoring, as well as expert or skilled someone monitors the entire Facebook network.

There are separate companies for this type of work. Who can monitor Facebook or Google for you.

These companies can quickly let you know if a harmful word or comment goes through social media.

However, the information technology minister, the government is going to bring some technology, which will tell you where, what kind of videos have been uploaded,,

There is no specific technology to monitor this kind of said. Nasim Mahmud

According to him, someone skilled in this can be appointed, whose work will be monitored regularly.

But the work of human beings is now possible with a software.

If a particular word is selected in the software, then someone will send you an e-mail with the details of the software, along with detailed information when someone publishes that word.

Besides, the specific name of the person with whom the name has come and whether it is positive or negative, such tasks can be done through that software.

Even if someone has done such work in another country, it would be possible to find that person or organization identity with that software.

Many people use this software for their professional needs.Can the controversial information be deleted?

The software can detect harmful content but can not delete them anymore.

About this Nasim said, it can not be deleted if you want to post it once.

He said that in the case of other countries like Bangladesh, whatever the government can do, they can ask for detailed information about it.

Every year, the government of Bangladesh has asked for more information about their users’ list of Facebook users.

Maybe 100 people asked for information this year, maybe one thousand people could ask for information in the next year.

Will there be freedom of expression?

Is there an attempt to curb or control freedom of expression here? In response to such a question.

He said, if you already know that you open your mouth it can be possible to ask and find out. Then the opening rate of this face will be very low.

Dr. According to Nasim those who do not get the opportunity to say the words of their mind to mainstream media, they go to social media.


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