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How much is the price of a motorcycle on a brand

You will have to go to get the exact brand motorbike in Eskaton, Kakrail and Magbazar in Dhaka. Here dealers mainly sell motorbikes. However, if you want to buy a specific brand bike, the companies will have their own showrooms.

Here are the different market rates for different types of runner companies. Diyang Runner Eddie 80S (Alla Rim) 81000, Diyang Runner ed 80S Deluxe 83000, Diyang Runner Bullet 105000, Freedom Runner F 100-6 88000,

Freedom Runner’s Royal + 101000, Freedom Runner’s Turbo 140000, Runner’s Turbo-125 130000, LML Freedom 125000, Runner Cheetah 85000, Runner Night Rider 156000 and Runner Kite + 86000 Taka.


The most sold and most popular motorcycle boats in Bangladesh are the most sold and most popular motorcycle boats. Uttara Motors Limited, the sole distributor of Bajaj Motorcycles in Bangladesh, sells 10 popular models Bajaj motorcycle through its own 15 branch offices and 2303S (Sales, Service and Spear) dealer. The first and the number one sports bike in Bangladesh market is Bajaj Pulsar 150cc current price of 177500, and

A little more stylish Pulsar S 150 cc 223500 Taka The country’s highest-selling discovery of 125 cc disc is priced at 152,500, drum 141500, and discount 100 cc worth 129500.

The current fashionable cruise bike avenger 150 cc 199500 and the war of liberation warranted Bajaj V 150 cc 167500 Apart from this, the Platinum 100 ES 117500, Platinum 100Ks 106500 and the current price of City 100 95500 taka.


Since Yamaha is an international brand, its demand in the market is widespread. Yamaha’s FZ-S and Fraser needs a little more. However, Yamaha’s three-fourths models are available in the country. Everyone’s price is a little more.

The highest price is the YZFF15 version 2 model bike. It costs 480000 taka. Apart from this, other models of motorcycles include the YZFF155 version 1.5 440000, the FEZER F1 version27500,

FZFS F2 version 255000, FZFS F1 version 265000, SZRR version 2, 190000, SZRR version 2 (SEO) 195000, Selitto drum 145000, Selitou Disk 152000 and Seluto Disk (SEO) 155000 Taka.


TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd. India imports TVS motorbikes in Bangladesh. There are also several dealers in Bangladesh. Now let’s know the prices of various models of the TVS models.

The price of XL 100 (100 cc) is 64900, metrox 100 cc 99900, metroys 100 cc 109900, metro plus 110 cc 123900, metro plus disc 110 cc 132900, square jut 110 cc 147500, jupiter 110 cc 164900,

WAO 110 cc 162900, Striker 125 cc 137900, Phoenix 125 cc 148900, Apache RTR 150 cc 179900, RTR SD met (blue / black) 150 cc 184900 and Apache RTR 150 cc 198900 Taka


Aftab Automobiles Limited, a subsidiary of renowned Navana company, has been marketed with good reputation in Bangladesh by the world-famous and Indian-made Mahindra brand’s motorcycle and scooter since 2013.

Now let’s tell the prices of different models of motorbike and scooter of Navana. Mahindra Century disc brake 110 cc 130000, Mahindra Centauro NX T 110 cc (digital meter) 125000, Mahindra Centauro XT 110 cc (analog meter) 122000,

Mahindra Rockstar 110 cc 110000, Mahindra Rockstar deluxe disc brake 110 cc 119000, Mahindra Aero X Tire headlight 110 cc 94500, Mahindra Aero XT Square Headlight 110 cc 97500, Gasto 110 cc (scooter) 142500 and Gastro 125 cc (scooter)

Tk 152,500 In order to ensure customers’ full service, there are 386 service points in Bangladesh, where the service is provided with skilled workers.

Aftab Automobiles Limited guarantees to solve any problem within 24 hours by skilled workers without any major problem. Customer’s own mobile service team has to provide instant services.

Niloy Motors Ltd, the sole distributor of the Hero Motocles in Bangladesh Hero’s motorcycle market rates are given. Hunk Double Disc 150 cc 169400, Aichaar Single Disc 150 cc 135100,

Gymdar disk shelf 125 cc 131100, splendor i smart 110 cc 121100, splendor + cost shelf 100 cc 108100 and hf-deluxe shelf start 100 cc 107100

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