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How long do you have to live after death in the grave?

Every male and female will have to taste the death of one day.  Allah Almighty clearly mentions this point. On the day when the Resurrection will take place,

the people of the cemetery will go to the grave and run towards the laughing ground. But the question is, how long will people live in the grave till death

In this connection, Allah Almighty gave clear explanation in Holy Quran, and on the day when He will gather them together. As if they had tarried at the moment of the day..

On the day the Resurrection is held, the criminals will swear by saying that they (the grave) did not stay more than the moment. That is how they were in the truth.The Qur’an Majid expresses life as Saitanya and death as death.

When death takes us down, we will have no time and knowledge till the resurrection on Resurrection Day.

This shows that when people are raised from the grave, they will have no idea about the period of their grave. Although they would stay there for hundreds of years, they would still think they stayed there for an hour or so.

The seven types of people will not be asked in the grave!
Some people will be entitled to this feature because of the grace of Allah, that he will not face Suwald in the grave. Among the properties of this …

The names of the martyrs will come first. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said..

The martyrs will not be asked in the grave. Because the swords on the head are not less than the grave dangers.

If he had hypocrisy from fear of Allah, he would have run away from fear of sword. But he did not do that. So it was proved that he was really a face to believe in his faith.

The second person is the soldier soldier Whoever has to struggle and compete with the enemy every time. The discussion of this person came in the Qur’an also, Hadith also came in the midst of the Prophet. As Allah has said,

The third person, who has died in the epidemic, because as Saheeh Hadith says he is also one of the martyrs’ procession.

The fourth person is that the truthful Siddiq, who holds true faith and belief in Allah and His Messenger, is the true

figure. Whose open and inexhaustible lies there is no lie. Their place after the prophets Imam Tirmidhi and Imam

Qurtubi [RA] have explained this way. In the light of the above principles, it is unmistakable that all the Prophets of

Allah, Prophet Muhammad, will not face Surawal in the grave. Because their place is so much higher than Siddik.

The fifth person is that if a child dies at an early age, he will not have to face Suwale. The famous Akademist Allama

Nassafi [RA] firmly stated the matter. Imam Nababi [RA] and expressed similar opinion. Ibn Salah [rs.] Said that when

the child dies, he does not need to put a talakin to the martyrdom of martyrdom.

Imam Fakhani [Raha] adopted the silence about whether to make Suwali answer to the grave and mad people. Even

if the person who died in the middle of the two prophets’s arrival in the world, whether he will be invited to the

grave? He did not express any opinion on this. It has been narrated in the Book of Ruwa that a person who is in the

sight of Shari’ah, will be given the same name as Muqalalf [on which the order of the Shari’ah falls] or his or her associate. Other than anyone else.

Sixth person, the person who dies in the day or night of Juma, will not be invited to the grave. The Prophet (peace

and blessings of Allaah be upon him) mentioned this in a hadith related to the Friday of the Jumu’ah. The hadith has

been called by Imam Tirmidhi and Imam Baihaki [Hadith] as a Hadith of the Hassan level and presented his dream Shahid tradition in different charts.

The seventh person is the one who will recite Sura Tabarakalayi every night, hoping to receive Allah’s mercy.

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