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How far will water?

12 years have passed the water song. In 2006, the group that was born from the Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University has spread throughout the country. The team beat the stage in different countries of the world. The 12-year-old story of Rahul Anand house in Dhanmondi on Tuesday said the new-age old members of the party
The name of the musical instrument of Rahul Anand is Mamta. I asked, what is the reason for this name? When my mother was ill and died I was making it. why I named my mother’s name.. He is a stomach for water song The group has made 12 years of concert with the musical instruments and events of this type. Want to know, what is your receipt..

Rahul is sitting in front Along with six other members, Rana Sarwar, ABS Jem, Aishwarya Mallick, Deep, Masum and Gopi Sound engineer is missing good. Look at everyone present in Rahul. Before receiving the acknowledgment he  am very uncomfortable after asking me. They have to say definitel. Please also ask them.

Getting the consent started, Rahul said, ‘Receiving difficulty is difficult to say. Our receipt is abundant. Everyone says that, that’s what we said, we got people’s love. This love is not like all. For example, two-and-a-half year olds like our songs, as well as adults, too. who was sitting next to him, reminded the returning to Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar early this month. It seems that the whole team laughs the whole team. Rana said We are just sitting on the back of the plane. A couple of two and a half years old came forward after flying in the sky Can not speak properly I came to my grandfather and said I know your songs Dada saidThen the paper boat sang the whole song.

The second reception is the idea of ​​the song group of Bangladesh, it has created the song of water, water song. Earlier, there was a lot of expensive musical instruments to sing. The team needs a lot. Out of it gave the other idea the song of water It can say proudly.


Receiving the number three is the man’s love. Even if I went to tea or tea to buy tea shops, I did not want to know the bills and do not want to take a bill. After the end of the show after leaving the stage the mother pans the money with hands. Said that there was a great desire to feed them at home. That is not possible so take money with this money…

The 12-year-old received the reminder that many people leaving the water song Did not name it separately. Only The person who comes to work in the team becomes a soul relationship with him I miss everybody.

While studying in the arts, Rahul’s friendship is with Kanak Aditya. The water of the two friends starts with the hands of the water. Kanak is now on vacation. How many days this holiday, Rahul does not know.

The reason for water song names is explained, ‘Water has many different forms, colors, shape and shape. If there are different names in each place. Because of this, water song. Our song is also nanatric.

What is the dream of the water song in the future Rahul or others? When the album titled ‘Our Undersea song’ was released, then the recently departed singer Ayub Bachchu came to the guest room. At that ceremony, he said i want to see how far. Like Ayub Bachchu, I’m also waiting. Let’s see how far it works…

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