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Hotel Management Dream Carrier

The possibility of hotel management in the job market of the country and abroad has created a promising field.

That is why there has been a trend to study in hotel management. With this training you can build your dream career. And you may be able to find the Newton Hotel School.

If you want to do well in this profession Front Office Operations, Food and Beverage Services and House Keeping Each of these 3 main departments in the hotel.

If you have passed the SSC examination, you can enter only after completing a training course in this profession

Want to train hands-on training There is no alternative to training in the field of sports management and tourism sector.

Newton Hotel School has created opportunities for this training opportunity. It is a Singapore based organization operated by Richard Chandler Corporation.

Newton Hotel School has all the facilities at the Five Star Hotel Luxuriousness Lab and Full Time Local-Foreign Trainers.

Training 9-month Diploma in Hotel Management Course at Newton Hotel School.

In this course a student is taught the beginning of this profession. Apart from this, short course courses on hotel management include Front Office Management, House Keeping Service Food and Beverage Operations, Food and Beverage Production and English For Hotels.

The English For Hotels Course has been launched to ensure that the minimum English needs to be known at the international hotel in Tarakan.

A student can complete 4 months training course from here and make yourself skilled and trained about hotel operations.

The Job Training Program is one of the Newton Hotel Schools feature.

Through this program, a student is trained to learn all the techniques of getting jobs from the interview and also to make the students smarter in the job market.

In addition to this, there is the International Attachment facility through which appropriate students will get employment opportunities in the hotel outside the country.

Students currently completing courses from the Newton Hotel School are working at star quality hotels and abroad. The Newton Hotel School is the only certified American Hotel and Learning Educational Institute AHLEI test center in Bangladesh.

It can be helpful to build a career in hotel management.

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