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Highway crossing with risk of life

Bargoobindpur Ali Mia Bhuiyan High School of Chandina upazila, Comilla, situated beside the busiest Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Two-thirds of the students of the school are going to school and cross the highway with the risk of daily life. There is a risk of serious accidents.

The location of the school in one corner of Chandina upazila border. On one side is the border between Debibhara and Burichang upazila on the other side. The school is set up at the big Gobindapur village of Chandina upazila on the south side of Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Several villages of Barakamata union of Debidwar upazila on the north side of the highway, and at least five villages of Mukam union of Burichang upazila on the east and north. As a result, about 1200 students of three upazilas are regularly studying in the school. Of these, more than eight hundred students are going to school regularly crossing the highways.

Two students of this school died due to accident on the road. School teacher Jahanara Nasrin said that at least 10 students had lost their lives. Teachers and students and guardians believe that the construction of a foot over bridge in the accident prone area will bring security to the soft students.

Abdullahil Rafi, a ninth grade student of the school, said, “We crossed the road with the risk of daily life. Hon’ble Prime Minister, make a foot overbridge here to ensure the security of our lives.

Nadia Satta, a ninth grade student, said, “Many of our brothers and sisters have become paralyzed due to the accident on the road. Two died. It is very important to build a foot overbridge here. ‘

Jahanara Nasrin, the headmaster of the school and Chandina Upazila Road Safety Committee member, said, “In our school about 1200 students. Two thirds of them crossed the road and went to school. Thinking about their safety, before the school starts and teachers make a red flag hoisting the road and stop the movement of the students crossing the road.

The main teacher also said, “In the meeting of the Upazila Road Safety Committee, I tried to get the help of the concerned authorities to raise foot overbrid by highlighting the matter. Considering the safety of the life of the students, we will be benefited if a senior authority builds a foot overbridge.

Chandina Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Upazila Road Safety Committee President SM Zakaria said, “I presented the risk of life risk to the students at the meeting of the District Road Safety Committee. Attracting the attention of the senior authority to set up feet over bridge for school students at three places in this upazila. Meanwhile, there is also a proposal to set up a foot overbridge in front of this school

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