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Hero Alam who is in court to return the confiscated security!

His supporters were not allowed to vote. Therefore, the Election Commission will have to refund the money to the Election Commission. This demand was made by the popular actor Hero Alam!

on behalf of the court. He said that  would win by a huge margin when he was elected to the right place.,,

In response to the recent election Alam said on Tuesday, I do not accept this vote. If I had a fair and free election I would win by a huge margin.

But my supporters were not allowed to vote. I was not allowed to appoint election agents. I and my people were beat up. Since we were not allowed have to return the money to the deposits I have deposited to the Election Commission.

Claiming that the commission did not get any benefit in complaining about this, he claimed. As an independent candidate, Bogra-4  was defeated in the fight against hero Alam alias Ashraful Alam. After publishing the results, it is seen that Gohara has lost hero Alam. Got only 638 votes.

The number of voters in that center is 3 lakh 12 thousand 81 BNP’s Mosharraf Hossain won 4 centers. Second place Awami League candidate Rezaul Karim Tansen.

In fact, the 11th general elections held in Bangladesh on Sunday.

Election Commission has announced results of 298 out of 300 seats in the Parliament. According to declared results,

Awami League-led grand alliance won 288 seats. The Awami League, which was left in power for the grand alliance,

got 255 seats. Ershad’s Jatiya Party got 20 seats. Workers Party got 3 and JSD got 2. Option 2..

Tariqat federation and JP got 1 seat. The National Unity Front, including the BNP, got only seven seats. The BNP has got 5 seats in the national united front..

and the GanaForama and the process of unity received two seats each. Independent candidates won three seats.

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