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has become more powerful and stronger than a cyclone

has become more powerful and stronger than a cyclone. The cyclone is heading towards the coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, India at 14 kilometers per hour. By the evening on Friday in the coast of India, the cyclone can weaken in the Khulna Sundarbans area by Friday evening. It can reduce Bangladesh’s losses. Meteorological office officials told these information.

Meanwhile, heavy rain was observed in different parts of the country during the cyclonic storm. Four seaports were asked to show alert signal 4. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has announced the shutdown of all types of passenger ships from all over the country due to hostile weather. It has closed the navigation of the country including Dhaka. The launch is not going anywhere. As a result, the common man was suffering. All the launch launches will be discontinued until further notice, the Naval Safety and Traffic Management Division said.

Meteorological office director Shamsuddin Ahmed said that the cyclonic storm has become strong and moving towards the Indian coast. It’s going to Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. It can weaken the Sundarbans portion of Bangladesh due to the wounds of the Indian coast, and tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, the special press release of the Meteorological Office said that the cyclonic storm has been spreading enormously and is located 910 kilometers southwest of Chittagong Port. Besides, 870 kilometers south-west from Cox’s Bazar port, 775 kilometers south-west of Mongla port and 780 kilometers south-west from Piara seaport. The cyclone may move further north and northwestwards.

According to the weather office data, the continuous maximum wind speed of 64 kilometers per hour in the stormy storm center is 90 kilometers per hour, which is growing up to 110 kilometers in the form of gusts or blows. The sea is rough near the severe cyclonic storm. Chittagong, Mongla, Pigeon and Cox’s Bazar seaport have been advised to show cautionary signal 4 by the influence of cyclone Titital. All fishing boats and trawlers in the North Bay and the deep sea are told to stay safe until further notice.

According to the information provided by the weather office, heavy rains have been received from different parts of the country during the cyclonic storm. Today, there will be light to medium rain in different parts of the country on Thursday.

However, according to the influence of Attila, there is nothing to be terrified of Bangladesh, the weather office officials said. They said it would be weakened by hitting the Indian coast. But if the energy is released again, then it can be damaged. Meteorological officials said that the possibility of power reintroduction was weak and weak

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