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Happy Launch of Laos Bangladesh

The campaign was not very visible. It was not enough to hear micropaking in some places. Initially the audience did not have much presence at the stadium. But the pressure of the audience increased as the match increased. In the inaugural match of the Bangabandhu Gold Cup, the results of the match were also on behalf of Bangladesh in Sylhet District Stadium. Bangladesh has started the tour of Bangabandhu by losing the goal of Laos to Bangladesh Bangladesh will play their second match in the Group ‘B’ next Friday against the Philippines. Before that the Laos will face the Philippines. Bangladesh will be assured of the semi-finals of the match in Laos.

On March 27th, in Vientiane, the Red-green jersey holders left the field with a 2-2 scoreline in the friendly match against Laos. A draw similar to win The name of Bangladesh in the field of self-confidence of the draw. The City of Sylhet Stadium of Baro Awali was still not full. Bangladesh created opportunities for goals at the beginning However, due to the absence of Sufil, there was no goal. The ball rolled around the box next to Laos in the next two minutes. In the 11th minute of the match, Wali Faisal’s bypass passes away from a defender, and the shot taken side of the shot goes out of the post. In the next minute, Laos rescued a life defender in the backhand corner of Life’s Cutback Suffill. In the 23rd minute of the match, golden opportunity was ruined by Rabiul Hasan. Bipulu Ahmed’s failure to touch his head in the gap in minasas this forward. Two minutes later, the one-on-one goalkeeper gets out of the match alone, Sully

Jamal Bhuiyan has got the opportunity to have a long life. The hastily forwarded what this forwarded was worthless. Laos scored the first corner in 33 minutes. In the FIFA rankings on 169, Laos, having secured the counter at the Counter ATA, forgetting Suffill and the BPL. Although not able to take advantage of the corner, Laos scored the chance to score a counter attack in the next minute. Bankong docked in the box with the ball from the midfield. Goalkeeper Ashraful Islam Rana defended the defender with two defensive wali-tapu jumps to the right.

In the 47th minute of the match, Sufil wasted the easy chance again. Increase the wolfy to increase the suffeil life by cutting two, life The forward goalkeeper alone is out for this forward. In the next minute, Laos forward Natashasuke, fearing the host audience, was scared. Bangladesh got the desired goal in the 59th minute of the match. Doken life in the box with the increase of syphilis. After taking two defender, he took a shot of a defender on his back and returned again to return to life with his head goalkeeper. Bipulu scored the goal in the jatla (1-0). Goal ran away to Bangabandhu’s image and honored last season at the Saif Sporting Footballer. Rafiul was not in the clean squad. Rabiul was dropped from the team at the last moment when he forgot about the management and was given an extra goalkeeper.

Tomorrow this upward picking up Jafar Iqbal in the field of coach coach Jamie Zafar runs in the field to accelerate. But Ibrahim’s life could not benefit from it. In the 84th minute of the match, Bipulu Ahmed fouled out of the box fawl sitting. But Laos could not get extra benefits from this freak available in dangerous locations. Bangladesh goes to Counter Atlas at the corner of Laos. Through Jamal Bhuiyan, Ibrahim’s tactic went ahead to a little bit and saved a lot and Laos’s goalkeeper Paicuth saved.

Bangladesh team

Ashraful Islam Rana (goalkeeper) Tupu Burman, Tutul Hossain Badsha, Wali Faisal, Bishwanath Ghosh, Jamal Bhuiyan, Bipulu Ahmed (Mamunul Islam), Masuk Mia Joni, Mahbubur Rahman Suifil Mohammad Ibrahim), Nabin Newaz Life and Rabiul Hasan.

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