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Good news for those who wish to go to Qatar!

Qatar is going to introduce visa and medical centers in Bangladesh to make the process easier. The government will soon introduce two designated representative centers in Dhaka and Sylhet. The government of Qatar has already taken the plan to set up a visa center in other districts of Bangladesh.

Once the visa and medical center is opened, one worker can complete the process through the OneSTP service sitting in the country before going to Qatar. You can also take work permit while going to Qatar. Then the staff will be responsible for going to Qatar only to join the company.

As a result, workers living in Qatar’s labor market to harass and cheat. Because of the introduction of this method, Qatar’s Visa Trading Syndicate, which comprises some skilled manpower merchants, will reduce the competition among syndicate immigration experts. It is to be noted that the Qatar government will implement this project in seven more countries without Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the workers are still going to Qatar and are being cheated by spending millions of taka. They go to Qatar and do not get work in certain companies according to the contract, even while being deprived of wages and other benefits too. Besides, many employees have been accused of being forced to stay in Qatar without confirmation of the Bangladesh Embassy in Qatar due to one-class recruiting agency. As a result, the people of Bangladesh Embassy in Qatar are frequently heard from the top level of the country.

According to the Ministry of Tribal Welfare, Bangladeshi workers will get Qatar ID card within 24 hours of the entry into Qatar if the new project is implemented. Meanwhile, work has been completed in the 11th floor of the Rupayan Trade Center and Sylhet Visa Center in Banglamotor of Dhaka. The plan to launch Visa Center of Dhaka on October 15 was also finalized. But due to inevitable, the Visa and Medical Center can be started on November 5, said the concerned people.

According to the recruiting agency of One Stop Service Center in Bangladesh, it is known that from November, Bangladeshi workers can go to Qatar by completing all the work, including health checks, signing contracts, from the visa center. Positive aspects of this approach are: Qatar workers will get all the facilities through one stop.

Employee finger print will be taken in biometric mode. When it is accepted, there will be a clearance of the worker of the Qatar-backed worker. In this continuation, the staff of the staff will be very easy to complete. As a result, the name of the worker will be confirmed immediately.

Before a worker went to Qatar, there would have been medical rehabilitation and after that the visa was stamping. New methods do not require stamping and release from all harassment. After all, now Qatar workers can take work permit from Dhaka. Qatar’s Interior Ministry, Health Ministry and Labor Ministry are working to implement this project.

According to the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training Bureau of Bangladesh, 56 thousand 708 workers went to Qatar from January to September this year. Of these, only five thousand 714 people have been in September. Meanwhile, the new system welcomes the expatriate Bangladeshis and the owners and foreigners of Recruiting Agency of Bangladesh, who are in Qatar.

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