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Gayle wants to bolster Imran Khan

Gayle won the title by defeating Afghanistn Premier Leaue at this moment. But there is a regret about frachise cricket.

In many countries of the world, batting magic has not been shown in Pakistan or Afghanistan in recent times. So Gayle wants to play mega innings at least once in Afghanistan or Pakista. Not only that, when going to Pakistan, former crcketer wants to spend a good time with current Prime Minister Imran Khan, Henry Gayle. Gayle said in Pakistan that he would like to bolster with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran.

In the final of the Afghanistan Premier League, Kabul played an innings of 54 aginst Pakistan with 34 off 34 balls. Gayle batting was arranged with four fours and four sixes. atting for 133 runs, Gayle hit a sixwiket haul as he hit 11 fours and took fou wicets in the mach while Balak Legends DesperateGayle, champion of the team, said that he wants to get the taste of dance with Imran, and he wants to ge the taste of both.

Gayle said, “I’m happy to send me a prvate jet to go to Pakistan..




Blades, almost everybody needs a lot of things for everyday We have been using the blade without any thought or


question, but we know what the design is in between the blades and why it has not changed yet..

Apart from cutting nailshair cutting, and beard, we have been using blades since that time. But have you ever thought about this blade Do you know Blade’s wonderful object is blade design! Whatever the companys blades, notice that the design inside the blade is the same for everyone.

Why is the same design used by all those made of blades which is really surprising.
The origin of the story is related to the origin of the blade. It is a long time ago that more than a century ago. The twentieth century has just begun. In 1901 Gillette founded the company King Camp Blade’s design.

After the blade was made in 1904. Meanwhile, he got the patent of that design. Surprisingly, there is no difference between that original design and the design used today..

At that time, natbaltu was used when connecting the blades with razors. That’s why the design was made in the blades. According to the design, with the help of Natlutto, the blade was stuck in the razor. Since then the design has been coming out..

Now the question is, when other companies started making blades, why did they start imitating the design of the Gillette? In fact at that time the razors were built only in te Gillette. As a result, when the blade design was made in conjunction with that razor, the design was to be created.

Thus all the companies started to make the same design blade. The design continues today. Centuries have passed.

The world changed radically But the mark of the old world contnues to blade design even today. This story is really amazing.

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