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Finally young girl escaped from Saudi Arabia who had escaped the secret!

I could not work without permission Even then, there was no permission to marry anyone who loved her.

There was no freedom for a long time The Saudi teenage Rahaf Mohammed Al Kunun tried to flee to Australia in the end, without enduring such emotional pressure and persecution for a long time!

Australia did not go though. The young woman has been in Canada. Despite the  why the young woman took such a big step When he reached Canada he opened it in front of the media.

In an interview after reaching Canada, Rahaf said, “The incident of escaping from Saudi Arabia for survival is increasing day by day. My story will  those women to be brave and liberated.

If he is with the family his life can be confused. So recently, the Saudi girl 18 years old who fled to Kuwait, fled to Thailand. He wants to seek refuge in Thailand by tweeting.

After attempts to return him to the country, he got refuge from the United Nations Refugee Affairs Office.

She recently got refuge in Canada from the Refugee Department office. The young woman wanted to take shelter in Australia and study there. But she did not object to going to  said the young woman.

His father and grandfather came to Bangkok to take Rahaf back. Although Rahaf’s failure to go back to failure was theirs. Rahf has released a statement on his family last Monday after news of asylum in Canada It has been known that Rahaf had disowned him by having a mental..

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