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Facebook id will be closed to obese people!

Fat people will be blocked by Facebook ID!

Such speculations have been noticed for quite some time. Facebook’s obese people do not even get jobs in their offices. Such a propaganda has recently become viral in the social media.

no information or comments were found from the organization.

So the fact remains that the news floating on Facebook is just buzzing. But if the Facebook company officially gives a comment,

And if this is the case, then no Facebook users will wait for that.

Facebook or Facebook is a website of global social interaction, established on 4 February 2004. It can be a free member. The owner of Facebook Inc. send messages and update their personal information, and a user can also connect to cities, workplaces, schools and regional-network networks. This website has been named after the name given by the university administration on the occasion of the best acquaintance between students and students at the beginning of the academic year.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in joint efforts by Edwardso Sewerin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, a student of computer science students in his classroom and studying at Harvard University. Members of the website were primarily limited to students of Harvard University, but later it expanded to other colleges in Boston, Ivy League and Stanford University.Currently 300 million active members are using this website worldwide.

Facebook has faced several obstacles on its way. It is partly effective in several countries including Bangladesh, Syria, China and Iran. It has been banned by discouraging employees by explaining the waste of time using its usage. Facebook’s website has been forced to read the law complex several times by Zuckerberg’s classmates alleging that Facebook has embezzled their source code and other intellectual property.

As of February 2015 Facebook’s capital has reached $ 212 billion……

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