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Facebook app can be banned on iPhone

Often criticizing Facebook Apple Chief Executive Officer CEO Tim Cook Most of the time he criticizes the violation of the privacy of the users personal information.

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives the answer to his criticism in the cold. Zuckerberg criticized Apple! According to her complaint Apple has always been neglecting the world’s poorest customers.

Although not competing with each other, they have found evidence of the cold war between two tech giants in their fight.

In exchange for information collected from smartphone users, their Cold War began to take a more serious look. Apple has canceled its Facebook membership in its enterprise developer program.

Facebook has started blown inside but it does not take any action, but it does not take any action.

The effect of this dispute is apparently limited to two organizations including software.

many people think that they may be affected by the end. According to them if the dispute continues, the app updates on the Apple device may be delayed. Even if the dispute is more intense, Apple could ban Facebook’s app

including Instagram and Messengers, on its own device.

Recently Apple said Facebook has violated the agreement by collecting data from smartphone users in exchange for money. Because of this,

Facebook has restricted access to various apps on its own device. Facebook has been hacked Apple took about one year to take this step.

Apple has given its powers as the ruler of the app store by limiting Facebook access. Using this power the company will be able to give a huge shock to the supply chain of mobile internet.

On the other hand Facebook is involved in various scandals, at some risky position.

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