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England’s lawyer who said about Tareq’s return said

Senior Advocate Sajeeb Wajed Joy, a Supreme Court lawyer in England, said that the legal notice will not be given to the BNP’s acting chairman, Tarique Rahman, to issue a Red Notice through Interpol to bring the country back to Bangladesh.

In an interview to BBC Bangla, he said Tariq Rahman had successfully proved that he would be wronged if he returned to Bangladesh. He has been able to understand the British government because he has been granted shelter and permanent residence.

The lawyer in England said Extradition Treaty or Emmett – Whatever the British Extradition Act of 2003 and the extradition laws of the Commonwealth countries of 2002, the British government will have to consider the application of the withdrawal of Tarique Rahman.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s Information Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy said in a Facebook post that if the Bangladesh government is in charge, there is no extradition treaty but the UK can return the convicts following the conditions of the United Nations Convention.

Explaining the legal process of the Extradition Treaty, the lawyer Syed Ahmed said that if the Bangladesh government sent an application seeking return to the British Home Ministry, then the British Home Minister should decide on what to do in accordance with these laws.

He can push it to the court. The court can initially issue a warrant for the arrest of Tarique Rahman. The court will consider whether there is any legal barrier in this regard.

He said that one of these obstacles is that he will be taken back by saying the punishment, without leaving a new case against him and not punishing him. Tareq Rahman can challenge it against the court verdict. You can also go to the European Court of Human Rights in the High Court and the Supreme Court. This is a long process. Under the existing structure of the law, Bangladesh will not be able to return it in any way.

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