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Do you know how damaging the finger wonder if you know!

Nira informs us that when the boiling of our finger bone causes the gas hole in the liquid substance that is accumulated. Slowly it changes in the hole. In the future . it can crack the knot. Recently, a group of scientist tried to know by MRI, how the word was formed due to finger screwing. This research report is published in the ‘Plus One’ journal. Scientists have proved that a scar on the bone of the bone is caused by finger screws.

The study team included Professor Greg Kauchuk of Alberta University. He said, ‘When you blow the finger or other body of the throat, you can not actually understand what is happening in the connections.

There has been debate in the scientists since 1947. Prior to that, UK researchers said that due to the formation of finger bubbles, the formation of gas bubble in the bone region. But it was questioned in the 1970s when another group claimed that these words were created due to the loss of fluid bubble in the freezing part of the bone region.

However, the latest MRI’s latest 310 ml sophisticated video has found that cracking and splitting of the joint causes the gas filled cavity in the rapidly accumulated fluid. This slippery liquid material keeps the joints covered.

Greg said, ‘When our joints are suddenly separated, there is no liquids left in that time. At the time a wound was created, the word was created. Scientists have calculated that, due to pressure, the energy produced causes severe damage to the hard surface of the bone. Although they said that such behavior is not caused by arthritis. Greg also said that he had a relationship with catching the bone fracture in the bone

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