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Discovery is a leaf that plays out in the kidney stones


Tulsi tree is a medicinal plant known to all of us. The leaves of this tree have beneficial properties to repair many diseases. Due to the consumption of this leafy leaf juice or tea one glass of water, the risk of kidney stone decreases. And if the kidneys grow in stomach, then the juice of Tulsi leaves is 6 months after drinking it, the stone goes out with urine.

Besides, tulsi leaves, coughs, worms, reduces urinary incontinence, digesters and coughs do great work. It also works as antiseptic to heal wounds.

Here are some of the methods of preparation of tea and mixing with Tulsidas:

Tulsi water

Ingredients: Two cups of water and several leaves.

How to prepare: Take two cups of water in a container. Boil some bowl with it. If you get up, you can get down. This mixture will ease your throat pain and sorely reduce cough.


Ingredients: 10-15 basil leaves, molasses, water and lemon juice.

Preparation Method: Take a mixture of molasses and basil leaves. Mix one and a half cups of water and one tablespoon lemon juice and apply it on the stove. Get rid of the mixture when it blossoms. If you drink this tea your body will be warm.

Herbal Tulsi-Tea

Ingredients: One piece of ginger, black pepper, cloves, tulsi leaf, cinnamon, cinnamon, and cinnamon.

How to prepare: Dissolve the amount of water in the amount of water by mixing it. After 10 minutes, you can get rid of it.

This Herbal Tulsi-Tea enhances your immune system and protects you from dengue and malaria disease.

Herbal juice

Ingredients: Aswan, TulsiPata, Ghera, Amchoor Powder, Salt and Mint Pages

How to prepare: Mix the above ingredients in four cups of water and stir it for 10-15 minutes. Then drink it. These

juices will increase digestion every day and will also protect you from the dehydration

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